Every day we have to make choices. Often we only realise whether we’ve made the right one afterwards. Now, as parents or parents-to-be, we’re responsible for making choices for someone else too. At My Baba we’re responsible for delivering accurate and informative news on all things parenting and pregnancy. Everyday we receive dozens of press releases filled with products claiming to be the latest must-have for parents. We’ve developed an intuition as to whether a brand or product will be a hit and if parents will still be raving about it in months, even years down the line.

The latest? Stokke has reinvented its Xplory® stroller with hot new features. Is it exciting? Of course it is — if work at Stokke HQ. It’s terrifying if you’re a rival company who’ve only just caught wind of the award-winning stroller’s revamp. But what does it mean for parents?

It’s making us question our decisions as parents.

Sounds silly, right? Reading about the Stokke Xplory® V6 has confused our expectations. Do we really need these features or do we just really, really want them? While Stokke may not be affordable for all of us, simply reading about it weighs in on what we we want to get from a stroller, the features that would make our life easier, and the other parts that are really just a bonus.

What’s it packing?

Last year Ellie described the Xplory ® with all-Black Chassis as a personal favourite — even her husband sat up and took note. You can read about her stroller love affair and all of its features here. Alternatively, visit the Stokke website to gush over the connection stroller’s slick spec.

If you’re already well versed in Stokke’s sleek user-friendly philosophy, we’ve summed up what’s new with the V6.

The bits that you need

Stokke have been having conversations with actual parents, not just their design team who like to chat about quirky and cool mechanics. ‘We WANT more storage!’, they said. Stokke has hooked them up with a removable 32L shopping bag, with a wipe-clean fabric sweetener.

Buying a stroller shouldn’t be all about baby: it’s about parents too. That’s why we love the adjustable handle height. Dad can’t whinge about pushing because it means bending down and we finally admit it: comfort does matter whether your 5 or 7 feet tall!

The bits that you really, really want

Men weigh up strollers like they weigh up cars. What wheels does it have and can I steer it with one hand? So don’t feel bad in factoring in whether it has leatherette handles (it does!) and letting the brushed textiles tip your decision.

If you’ve ever had a fight with a stroller trying to pack it up, you’ll get the need for something that’s easily foldable. If you haven’t, don’t try it. The sleek one-fold action is appealing to all (and yes —you can fold it with one hand).

What’s the bottom line?

Stokke’s clever ‘designed to be close’ tagline is closing in our wants and needs and I think we need to go and buy (or at least test-drive) this new Stokke Xplory V6. Don’t take our word for it, read more about the Xplory’s new features here and decide for yourself.