A report by Sudocrem with some interesting advice on nappy rash. 

Only 20% of mums take steps to prevent nappy rash

Juggling busy lives means that modern mums are neglecting some of the baby care basics. A study conducted by Sudocrem has shown that only 20% of mums take steps to prevent nappy rash from occurring.

Nappy rash may seem a minor condition but it can lead to sleepless nights and is sometimes confused with more serious infant illness.

The study showed that 79% of babies suffer from nappy rash with 56% of mums admitting that their babies have a sore bum at least once a month which is why leading baby skincare brand Sudocrem has joined forces with expert midwife Nikki Khan to launch an education programme called “Clean-Dry-Apply.


“The moist, damp conditions inside a nappy provide the perfect breeding ground for the harmful bacteria that can irritate a baby’s delicate skin, causing them to cry and generally feel miserable,” said Nikki.

“It’s important to show parents that the best form of treatment is prevention. And I am including dads here, because even Prince William has said he is going to be on nappy changing duty.  This three step programme will mean your baby is far less likely to suffer from nappy rash and that’s good news for babies’ bottoms.”

Clean: Carefully clean your baby’s nappy area with warm water and cotton wool or a baby wipe (if your baby’s skin is very sensitive, stick to cotton wool and water). Gently wipe all folds and creases – this can take a few minutes to do thoroughly, so pop a clean nappy under her bottom while you do it, in case she pees or has a poo.

Dry:  Gently pat the area dry, ideally with a lint-free cotton wool pad. If it’s practical, now’s the time to let your baby go nappy-free! Set her on a towel and let her have a kick about – outside in the fresh air if it’s warm enough. A few minutes every day can make a real difference.

Apply: Apply a protective nappy cream like Sudocrem Care & Protect to your little one’s clean, dry skin. This not only seals in moisture but also provides a barrier against the chemicals in pee and poo that are responsible for nappy rash.

Sudocrem Care & Protect is an innovative new nappy rash product that offers triple action protection against the causes of nappy rash.  To care for your baby’s skin and help prevent nappy rash, use Sudocrem Care & Protect. If your baby develops nappy rash, use Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream to treat it.