The Debate on Breakfast cereals has been on our minds at My Baba HQ. A study shows that the amount of sugar in your average breakfast cereal has soared by as much as a third over the past three years. A small bowl of some of the popular brands now contains as much as three teaspoons of sugar. My husband went sugar free a year ago, and I can’t tell you how hard it’s been to find a sugar free option for him. I tried to give my children porridge during the winter which they can sweeten with honey and various other toppings, but it’s hard to walk down an isle in a supermarket without them jumping at the fruit loops, coco pops, and our favourite, the small variety packs!

Here are a few of my new favourites, being mindful of sugar:

Bear Nibbles Alphabites

Biona Organic


Lizi’s Organic

Rude Health

Doves Organic

Whole Earth

I don’t know how child friendly it is, but my husband lives on Shredded Wheat.