Each year I try to do summer activities and crafts that are like the ones that I did at summer camp.  Here is a big round up of them all, it is now up to 68 crafts and activities because I added last years ones to the list (just in case you thought my counting was out).

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craft stick bracelets

Jewelry Making

Friendship Bracelets

Harry Potter Friendship Bracelets

Craft Stick Bracelets

Polymer Clay Bracelets

how to make ice cream in a bag

Edible Activities

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

How to Make a Slushy in a Bag

Cardboard box oven

How to play ultimate ninja


Balloon Tennis

Noodle Hockey

Ultimate Ninja

How to Play Mancala

Pentalpha Puzzle

Pong Hau K’i

Five Field Kono

DIY Indoor Mini Golf

21 Games to Play in the Car

French Skipping

10 Minute to Win it Games

Make a Rick-a-bamboo


Fairy Doors

Crayon Printed T-shirts

Water gun painting

God’s Eye craft

Shell Mandala

Harry Potter Wind Chime

Shell Painting

Fairy House

Make A Rick-a-bamboo

Easy Cross Stitch

Balloon Painting

Harry Potter Wands

Clay Owls

How to Make Cardboard Frisbees

Agamograph Pictures

wax paper sun catchers 

Sun Catchers

Melted Bead Sun Catchers

Kite Sun Catchers

Stained Glass Pasta

How to Make a Paper Kite

Ice Sun Catchers

 Wax Paper Sun Catchers

Plastic Bottle Wind Spinners

Soap and water play

Outside Activities

Rainbow Ice Chalk

Bubble wands

Bubble Snakes

Giant Bubbles

Building the Perfect Den

Mud Pie Kitchen

DIY Bee Hotel

Gardening with Kids

Bushcraft Skill – How to Make a Sock Filter

Matchstick Rockets

Soap and Water Play

Ice Play

Make A Nature Table

Go on a Colour Walk

Diet Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

Frozen Ice Palace

Help Save Captain America from the Ice

Construction Sensory Tray

Sea Creature Sensory Play

Twig Raft

summer activities

Card Games

Chase the Ace



Beggar my Neighbour

Clock Patience

Go Fish

James Bond Card Game

Don’t Wake the Shark

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60 summer crafts, games and activities for kids