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Staycation Essentials: The Summer Saviour That Lets Your Little One Shade And Snooze

2020 is the year of the staycation as we look to make the most of spending time outdoors in the sunny days that lie ahead. Rather than dwelling on the idea of not being able to get out and about, we’re embracing everything that’s fabulous about staying closer to home. We’re busy taking a look at the latest at-home essentials to make summer days with your little one a total breeze.

We’re all about keeping safe while having plenty of fun, so it’s essential to ensure babies are kept away from direct sunlight. Your baby will need to be shielded them from the sun to protect their delicate skin which is highly susceptible to burns.

Don’t worry! The innovative team at Sleepyhead have got you and baby covered so you’re ready to head out as soon as the sun does.

Introducing the Cabana Kit

When you thought this dreamy collection of sleeping accessories couldn’t get any better – it just did. The Cabana is a retractable cover with UV protection, and the latest addition to the Sleepyhead range. This waterproof, high SPF cover fits neatly around the much-loved Deluxe+ pod to shield your baby from the sun safely. And in true Sleepyhead style, there’s four brilliant designs to choose from.

Whether you’re sitting ‘poolside’ this summer or just making the most of being outdoors with the family, your little one can stay safe as they doze off for a snooze.

SPF 50+

That’s right! With an impressive UV-protection of SPF 50+, the Cabana cover has been created with only the world’s best materials for this handy, hideaway guard. The team at Sleepyhead really have put safety first with this product.

All year round we’re advised to stay safe while enjoying the sun, whether it’s topping up the SPF lotion, wearing a hat or seeking shade. Parents can rest assured that the Cabana shields babies from the sun’s rays when they’re asleep outdoors, giving you the freedom and flexibility to stay outside. In addition to using the Cabana cover, we always recommend keeping their skin protected with a gentle baby-safe lotion of at least SPF 30, just to be on the safe side.


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Clever cover

Don’t get caught out! Weather apps and forecasts always seem to get it wrong. A quick fun fact: forecasted temperatures are always measured in the shade because “shade temperature” is actually the true air temperature. Those numbers don’t take into account solar radiation, which is the exposure to direct sunlight, which ramps up the mercury.

When the sun suddenly makes an appearance it’s much better to be prepared.

This super lightweight sleeping accessory folds neatly into a pouch so you can keep it in your baby’s bag of essentials at all times. You can ditch the umbrellas and make shift covers because the effortless Cabana is everything you need when baby takes a nap in the sun. The Cabana fits perfectly around the Deluxe+ pod and even has a waterproof base protector in case some of those paddling pool splashes from exuberant older siblings make their way over. To top it off, there’s a stow-away insect net to keep any flies and bugs well away from your baba

What we really love about this clever addition to the Deluxe+ is that your little one can remain sound asleep in their Sleepyhead while you keep an eye on them, wherever you are. When they’re awake, they can carry on enjoying their favourite nest and the fresh summer air while still being completely protected.

Super stylish

Torn between which of the four stunning styles to choose from? We don’t blame you. There may be other baby accessories you want to match your overall colour scheme to which makes the ‘Rose’ and ‘Endless Blue’ options an easy choice – they’ll slot wonderfully into shades of pinks and blues. If mixing and matching is more your style, then check out the ‘Splash’ or ‘Night Falls’ options. These prints ooze summer and guarantee to make you feel like you and baby are relaxing in your favourite holiday hotspot!

We wouldn’t expect anything less than style meets practicality and the all-in-one Cabana is exactly that. The Sleepyhead Cabana is priced from £55.00. To get your hands one of the four stunning designs, visit


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