Happy Summer!

The sun had (past tense) been shining for the last few weeks and though the heat was hard to handle for some, I must say I was lapping it up!

In saying that, warm weather means I am well and truly into my wedding season and when I am lucky, I get to do the makeup and also attend the weddings!

My latest tutorial is based on the look I wore to a festival-themed wedding a few weeks back! This was a highly requested tutorial! So many compliments and so many people asking ‘what was the makeup you used? Please show me!!’ So I’ve decided to recreate it as best I could.

I wanted to keep it light and fresh. I didn’t go for a full foundation, only a few products on my eyes and I used very little tools to create the look! Though the list of products used looks like a lot, it actually only took me about 10 minutes to get ready!

I hope you enjoy!

Here’s what I used:

Bombay 5 in 1 curling tong (I can offer 50% off at checkout for this- AG50)
MAC –  Harmony to Bronze (The Sunkissed matte bronzer is no longer available )
MAC – Romp Frost (Or any lovely bronzed shadow will work)