We all love a new pair of sunglasses to rock the summer. We have pulled together some fantastic pairs to protect your child from harmful rays.

Children’s eyes need to be protected against the sun to avoid the risk of any permanent damage to their sight. Ideally, children should start wearing sunglasses as soon as they can keep them on. Up to 80% of exposure to the sun’s damaging rays happens before 18 years of age.

When choosing sunglasses for your child you need to make sure they give protection against UV rays. Here’s a little guide to bear in mind when you’re sunglasses shopping.

Filter Catagory






UV 400

Suitable for

A fashion accessory or to be used to protect against wind or debris

Weak levels of sunlight/ partly cloudy days

Average levels of sunlight and idea for spring and autumn walks on sunny days

Strong sunlight great for use when on holiday by the sea

Very dark filter for intensive sun radiation. In adults, these are not suitable for driving

Nearly 100 percent protection from harmful ultraviolet rays

Beaba Lunette, Baby Security

Flame Red Ahois, AlexandAlexa

Keyhole Round, AlexandAlexa

Banz Sunglasses, Childrensalon

Vedra, Suneez

Bunny Bow Classic, Amazon

Roshambo Junior Shades, Amazon

Duco Sunglasses, Amazon

Heart-Shaped, Childrensalon



Smile, MOLO

Baby & Kids’ Sunglasses, JoJo Maman Bebe

Babiators, Kidly

Lemonade, Izipizi

Funky Orange Polarized, Blade and Rose

Retro Banz, Babybanz

Rubber Wayfarer, John Lewis

Flexible Sunglasses, JoJo Maman Bebe

ZB5005, Zoobug