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Having recently welcomed another baby into the fold we’ve once again turned our attention to the best buggies on the market. Yet again, the Stokke Xplory has come up trumps.

Why we love the Xplory

The award-winning Stokke Xplory has long since been one of our favourite pushchairs at My Baba. One of the slickest looking prams on the market, it’s available in a range of beautiful coloured textiles. You can even choose the colour of the chassis and the leatherette to create a stroller that’s completely individual to you and your baby.

Closer to baby

Thanks to Stokke’s pioneering seat height adjustability, both the carrycot and seat unit are able to move up and down the chassis in accordance to personal preference. I’m a huge fan of having baby closer to eye level, it’s much more fun being able to explore the outdoors together.

Grows with your child

Possibly the most important thing for me is that the Xplory is a product that can grow with your child, from its newborn carrycot upwards. Together with the Stokke BeSafe car seat you have yourself an entire travel system suitable from newborn to 15kgs. There’s also the option of a sibling board for an old brother or sister.


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Xplory 6: What’s new?

The Xplory has always been incredibly easy to manoeuvre with its hardy and puncture resistant swivel wheels and effortless one-handed steering, but they’ve made a few adjustments to the to make the Xplory 6 stroller even easier to use.

Seat unit

They’ve redesigned the ergonomic seat unit to provide a little more depth which offers optimum support and comfort, especially for the hips and head. There’s a new fixed footrest attached to the seat.

Shopping bag

They’ve revamped the detachable shopping bag, and it’s grown in size slightly to approximately 32 litres.

Easy fold

The Xplory is a fairly hefty stroller, but it’s now even easier to collapse and store with its easy two-part stackable fold.

All-season canopy

The Xplory 6’s new extended hood canopy shields baby from all sorts of weathers. There’s no need for an additional parasol in the summer sunshine, and baby is kept lovely and snug during the winter months of unpredictable weather.


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