There have been so many wonderful pictures of rainbows that people have put up in their windows to bring cheer to others, support the NHS, and remind us that even in times of darkness there is light and hope waiting for us just around the corner. We have been making our own surprise rainbow to hang up in our window.

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To make a surprise rainbow you will need:

  • Washable pens
  • Black permanent marker
  • Kitchen roll/ filter paper
  • Pipette/ spray bottle
  • Water

surprise rainbow drawings

Start your surprise rainbow by drawing your rainbow across your page, leaving a gap between each colour to allow it to spread.

Colour over each line with the black permanent marker.

surprise rainbow drawings

Finally using a pipette or a spray bottle spray the rainbow. The washable markers under the black pen should start to bleed out and across the paper.

It really does make a pretty picture.  It would also be a fun activity to do as a preschooler writing activity.  You could write the letters in coloured pen, then get your little one to trace over them in the black pen, before adding the water.

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Surprise rainbow drawings