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10 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Well, I’d love to start off by saying that we can do better than survive the first year and can totally thrive in the first year of motherhood if you follow these top ten.

Nap when baby naps

Acclimatising to the night time feeds can take some time but don’t mentally dread them. So many women speak so negatively of the night time feeds that it becomes ingrained in the beliefs and therefore causes them more stress. It isn’t forever and you body will get used to it if you align your thoughts with the process. I talk about how your word is you wand in my book – in fact there’s a whole chapter on it!

Flow with the day

Your little human will be taking control and that’s ok! I’m totally a baby led type of mother and going with the flow means I’m not so worried about each day being different. Routine is important but I know lots of children who get really agitated if their routines are broken which means parents don’t get to live their lives fully.

Follow your gut

It’s easy to always ask everybody else what to do when you are a new mother but learn to trust your own intuition. If you think something is wrong then trust that. Inside my book, I teach how to use and trust your intuition, because Google doesn’t have all the answers!


Baby brain is a real thing people! Keep a diary to help you keep organised so you don’t forget. This conserves your energy when you brain isn’t firing all cylinders.

Accept support

We like to think we are all super heroes and quite honestly we aren’t! If people offer to look after your baby for an hour so you can get some YOU time, then take it!!!

Eat well!

Your body needs fuel and amazing fuel at that. Ask yourself if you are putting stuff in your body that is going to give you energy or make you sluggish. When you have broken sleep, it’s imperative that your body gets extra nourishment.

Make time for YOU

Self love and self care helps you become the best mummy to yourself. Being selfish does not make you a bad mother. Book in to get your hair done or treat yourself to some new clothes post pregnancy. Your goal is to make yourself FEEL good.

Stop comparing yourself to others!!!

This is your motherhood journey! There’s a danger of always looking to others to seek validation for your own self worth. It doesn’t matter if someone else has a nicer pram or if your baby has second hand clothes. When you let comparison dig its claws in you, it robs you of the precious moments of joy with your baby.

Positive interactions

Your power is in the posse you spend time with. Don’t spend time with moaning Michelle or Debbie downer. Spend time with people who invigorate you. This will have a positive impact on your baby as your energy rises!

You don’t need to get it right

I talk about accepting that getting things right and trying to be “perfect” is a sure fire way to end up feeling stressed. Enjoy the ride and accept that none of us are perfect. In my book I strongly suggest that all you focus on is how you can be better each day in comparison to the you yesterday, rather than anyone else.

Article by Noor Hibbert, Author of Just F*cking Do It: Stop Playing Small. Transform Your Life


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