Sea Change is making waves in the wonderful world of eco-friendly wine and it’s time everybody considered making the switch. The team behind Surrey-based Sea Change are passionate about two things: number one, protecting the oceans from plastic pollution, and number two, creating great eco-friendly wine.

Sea Change: their environmental pledge

Sea Change is a small company making a huge difference to our planet. With 8 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year, their aim is to help put a stop to the endless flow of plastic pollution that threatens the whole marine ecosystem. With every bottle of Sea Change sold, a donation is made to their charity partners to fund ocean conservation projects across the globe.

Sea Change has partnered up with a variety of global charities including Ocean Generation, the Olive Ridley Project and Sea-Changers UK. Since the company’s launch, they’ve raised in excess of €90,000 to support projects that help turn the tide on plastic pollution and the devastation it is causing.

Ethically sourced, eco-friendly wine

Sea Change was founded by Toby and Bill after a discussion about single-use plastics with a Canadian customer at a global wine fair.

A casual conversation about rubbish being washed up on the shores of British Columbia became the start of a fabulous new brand.

“It was a topic that wasn’t really headline news or even known much about when we started… And then it dawned on us that hundreds of millions of plastic capsules were used every year, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable, and worst of all non-necessary!  So, we wanted to make a change and we hope that in time the rest of the wine trade will follow.” says Toby.

Minimal package to reduce waste

In-house, Sea Change is busy minimising its impact on the environment, using minimal packaging for reduced waste. They’ve substituted the traditional but unnecessary plastic wrapping around the cork with renewable plant-based closures. Their bottle labels are sourced from certified sustainable forests made partially from grape waste.

“The industry is big enough to take its share of responsibility over the plastic pollution problem… and it’s time we all stopped and thought about the harm this can do long-term.” adds Ian, Sea Change’s UK manager.

Shop now

Sea Change wine is not only eco-friendly, it’s absolutely delicious. Help turn the tide of plastic pollution and order your wine online from Sea Change so that we can preserve our planet for future generations to come.


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