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Help Protect The Planet With Sustainable Skincare For Expectant Mamas

Luxury pregnancy skincare brand, Mama Mio, has reformulated and repackaged all of their products as a way to show their commitment to providing pregnant women with high-quality and effective skincare.

Loved by mamas all over the world for their stretch mark protection products, Mama Mio have expanded its range to provide products for breastfeeding, dry skin and weary legs. Their vegan formulas have been curated to help mamas all over with their nine-month stretch and beyond.

A brand representative explains ‘We’ve spent a long time listening to mamas and finding out what they want from a skincare brand whilst they’re pregnant. All of our formulations are now vegan, smell gorgeous with our 100% natural fragrances, and are packaged in our all-new sustainable packaging. It’s really important to us now that we package our products in ways that are easy for mums to not only use them, but to recycle them too.’


Powered By Mama Nature

Treading gently on the planet to protect future generations, Mama Mio’s new packaging has been specially designed with sustainability in mind. Their new tubes now use an average of 26% less plastic than its previous range and everything but the pump (they’re working on it!), can now be recycled in a standard paper and plastic recycling bin. All raw materials used to produce the outer cardboard cartons are now responsibly sourced from FSC managed forests.

As well as rebranding their packaging to be more sustainable, Mama Mio has also reformulated all of their products. The new and improved vegan formulations are packed with plant-based actives including a unique Omega- Rich Skin Stretch Complex and a new 100% natural fragrance, delivering results mamas can both see and feel.

Tummy Rub Butter

Loved by countless mamas all over the world, this popular stretch mark protection cream is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, helping to protect against stretch marks. This luxurious butter nourishes growing boobs bumps and thighs, helping mamas during their nine-month stretch. This vegan cream also comes in 2 100% natural fragrances along with a fragrance-free, specially designed for sensitive noses.

Megamama Shower Milk

The latest addition to the Mama Mio family is their new Shower Milk. Using a range of delicate ingredients, this hydrating wash is suitable for both pregnant and post-partum mamas. Its vegan formula uses plant based actives to nourish skin, leaving it feeling soft. 95% of women agreed that their skin felt moisturised and smooth after using the shower milk. *Tested on 60 women in an independent user trial.


Mama Mio – The Pregnancy Experts

You will be able to get your hands on these products from the 17th March 2020. To learn more about how Mama Mio’s skincare product can help you, visit their website and see the results for yourself.


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