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The Organic & Sustainable Skincare Range Taking 2020 By Storm

We’re all becoming much more conscious of the products we’re putting into our shopping baskets, and it’s not just our food choices we’re paying particular attention to. The UK certified organic and natural beauty market is at an all-time high, and this is because of the demand for sustainable, green beauty. A Soil Association report on the Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market 2019 confirmed that sales of certified organic and natural beauty products reached £86.5m in 2018 up by 14% since 2017.

The rise of organic, eco-friendly beauty brands

The popularity of natural, organic and eco-friendly products is increasing tenfold. This is because they’re not just great for the environment, they are fantastic for your skin. It’s a no-brainer really; consumers are making informed choices, choosing sustainable, organic skincare products that achieve results without the need for chemicals.

Sustainable skincare

Known for their minimalist packaging and natural organic products, Danish skincare brand Ecooking is an eco-friendly company on a mission to make a difference to the environment. With a commitment to respect both the skin and the planet, their latest pledge is that by 2020 every piece of plastic used within range will originate from recyclable materials or ocean waste.

Tina Søgaard founder of Ecooking

Founder Tina Søgaard spent over twenty years developing Private Label products for the beauty industry. In 2015 amidst a personal crisis, she started experimenting with raw materials at home in her kitchen. “I was inspired to create my own skincare due to a personal crisis. My skin fell apart and looked more tired and grey than ever before.”

The brand name is an amalgamation of ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘cooking’ – a nod to the ingredients that go into the Ecooking range, as well as the brand’s humble birthplace. Ecooking’s slogan: ‘food for your skin’ is also incredibly apt, with every product made from 100% vegan and pure ingredients, it’s even safe to eat!

Ecooking has a wide range of effective products at really affordable prices, it’s truly eco-friendly one-stop-shop for skincare. We take a look at our favourite products in the range.


Derma roller

Reduce fine lines and prevent signs of aging on your face, neck and décolleté with this nifty device. It’s made with 540 micro-needles to stimulate the skin and retain elasticity.

It’s perfect for dry acne and acne scares, enlarged or deep pores, pigmentation or uneven skin colour as well as the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. It helps to tighten loose and sagging skin and normalises oily skin and rough skin textures.

Night Cream 

Enjoy long-lasting moisture and a reduction in fine lines with this night cream by Ecooking.

It’s the inclusion of six natural amino acids in the ingredient mix that encourages the facial muscles to relax naturally. It also boosts the collagen of the skin for a lovely fresh glow.

Day Cream

This intense moisturising face cream includes Hyadisne to prevent fine lines and help smooth the skin – doing the same job as Hyaluron acid. The mix includes Trylagina which will leave your skin refreshed and glowing.

The cream also contains Wheat Extract, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter.

100% vegan and dermatologically tested.

Vitamin E Serum

This is a perfect serum for every age. A strong vitamin boost, its ingredients act to repair and protect all kinds of skin problems by providing maximum moisture along with its range of antioxidants.

Incorporate this effective serum within your daily skincare routine, along side your day and night moisturiser.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Vitamin A Serum in Capsules

Vitamin A is also known as the efficient anti-aging serum, Retinal. These serum capsules work to strengthen the elasticity, boost renewal of cells and efficiently prevent the early signs of aging.

Vitamin A is also brilliant for evening out skin tone and fighting the formation of spots.

100% vegan and suitable for all skin types.


Every skincare routine needs to include an effective sunscreen. Ecooking’s water-resistant SPF 30 is delicate in texture and made from organic ingredients and natural oils to nourish and protect the skin. The formula is easy to apply, leaving a non-greasy filter.

Its ingredients include organic Aloe Vera and cucumber extract known for their extra calming and anti-inflammatory properties. This particular SPF also includes vital ingredients to help enhance the elasticity the skin, and also encourages the production of collagen.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Peeling Mask

If you’re looking for tighter, smoother skin, the Ecooking Peeling Mask is a must.

Containing active ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells and boost cell production, this mask is also effective at decreasing the appearance of creases and wrinkles, leaveing skin feeling super-smooth and fresh.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Neck & Décolletage Cream

This neck and décolletage cream contains hyadisine to regenerate and retain the skin’s moisture while producing collagen and elastin for younger-looking skin.

This cream uses cellulobeads to help skin retain moisture, filling fine lines and wrinkles instantly for a softer, plumper surface. Niacinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3, inhibits Melanin reaching the surface of the skin, and protects from further UV damage.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Multi Balm

Every mother’s handbag should contact an all-rounder like Ecooking’s Multi Balm – it’s gentle enough even for babies.

This is a fabulous multi-purpose product containing organic Argan Oil, Shea Butter and natural Vitamin E brilliant for softening and calming the face and body.

You can use this product all over, on dry areas, hands, nails, lips, cracked heels and dry skin on the feet. This balm also calms itches and stings.

100% vegan and dermatologically tested

Moisturising Mask

Perfect for dry skin, Ecooking’s moisturising mask will help replenish skin and prevent signs of aging thanks to effective ingredients containing Hyaluron Acid, Sesame, Mandarin and Almond Oil.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.


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Lip Balm Pomegranate

This nurturing lip balm is the perfect addition to any make-up bag. It contains vital ingredients Vitamin E and Argan oil to nourish lips, leaving them feeling super-soft and glossy.

Dermatologically tested.

Hand Cream

Another must for your handbag!

This Hand Cream is packed full of the best organic oils and plant extracts. With no added perfume, it heals, protects and moisturises. Another all-rounder, it’s perfect for all the family.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Face Scrub

A gentle face scrub for exfoliating the skin’s surface, this product is made up of a mixture of oils and fine scrub seeds of almond. A mild formula suitable for even the most sensitive skin, its moisturising and calming properties help purify the skin and prevent the first signs of aging. We love how this Face Scrub relieves the skin of dead skin cells and impurities without clogging pores – so all you’re left with is soft and smooth skin.

Vegan and dermatologically tested

Eye Cream

The eyes are a big giveaway when it comes to age, but worry not! This is a product that takes particular care of the thin skin around the eyes.

It works by moisturising and tightening the skin, and boosting the production of collagen.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Clay Mask

This anti-inflammatory clay mask contains iris extract, zinc salt and Vitamin A to cleanse, refresh and reboot the skin. The formula contains active ingredients that help revive skin cells and reduce redness and sebum production responsible for oily skin.

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, a peptide extracted from Antarctic mud and also known as Antarcticine, regenerates and protects as well as improves hydration.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Body Cream

Made from the finest vegetarian raw materials, best organic oils and plant extracts effective in nourishing and moisturising the skin, this is the ultimate in vegan body creams.

100% vegan and dermatologically tested.

Anti Redness Cream

Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin, this Anti Redness Cream neutralises redness and irritation, reduces flushing tendencies, and keeps the skin moist. It’s sweat-absorbent, so it doesn’t appear greasy on the skin. Packed full of calming, anti-inflammatory and nourishing ingredients, the cream leaves the skin with a protecting filter, evening out the surface of the skin and reducing pores.

It also rinses the skin from radicals, that damage the skin and accelerates the process of aging.

Acne Serum

This is a 100% vegan acne serum that can be used locally to treat acne. It contains salicylic acid which prevents bacteria from thriving on the surface of the skin. Acne Serum can also be used as a pore minimizer, or on extremely oily skin.

100% vegan and dermatologically tested

24 Hours Cream

Perfect for younger and sensitive skin, this 24 Hour Cream can be used both as a day and a night cream. Its strong and moisturing formula contains raw materials that keep working during a 24 hour period.

100% vegan and Dermatologically tested


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