I made these for my daughter’s birthday but I only had time to make the bracelets. Everyone loved them but be warned, it can be quite sticky! I used Ella’s Kitchen’s cereal hoops which are quite hardy, with a mix of sweeties and raisins.

A necklace or a bracelet made out of your favourite sweeties that looks great and tastes great too! They are such fun to make as a party game. 

You will need: 

  • A darning needle or fairly large needle
  • Some shirring elastic
  • A selection of sweets, such as marshmellows, jellies, cereal hoops, liquorice allsorts etc,

Pass the shirring elastic through the eye of the needle (if you have a darning needle, this should be quite easy). Thread a selection of your favourite sweets and cereals onto it, then tie a knot in it to join it up into a necklace and wear it until you want to eat it!