Christmas Recipe

8 Christmas Pudding Recipes To Make Now

Are you planning on making your own Christmas pudding this year? Choose from eight mouth-watering Christmas pudding recipes to make now! When should I More

Festive Fruit Cavolo Nero Stuffing

Cavolo nero is a must-have ingredient this Christmas. Add a handful to seasonal favourites like these festive fruit cavolo nero stuffing balls.

Santa’s Christmas Chocolate Shard Cake

A stunning Christmas chocolate shard cake recipe from Dr. Oetker.

Goat’s Curd And Watercress Cheesecakes With Red Onion Marmalade Canapés

Goat’s curd and watercress cheesecakes with red onion marmalade canapés from Watercress.

Get Baking with The Kids: Organic Coconut Snowmen

An organic coconut snowmen recipe from Kate Hackworthy, award winning blogger and author.

A Recipe for Delicious Gingerbread Snowflake Biscuits

A delicious gingerbread snowflake biscuit recipe from The Groovy Food Company.

Smoked Salmon Sharing Platter with Watercress & Avocado

A stunning smoked salmon sharing platter with watercress & avocado from Watercress.

Savoury Choux Bun Canapés with Watercress & Cream Cheese Filling

A savoury choux bun canapés with watercress & cream cheese filling recipe from Watercress.

Cheesy Watercress Stars

A cheesy watercress stars recipe from Watercress.

Woodland Wonderland Christmas Yule Log Cake

A delicious woodland Christmas yule log cake recipe from Dr. Oetker.


Deliciously Naughty Chocolate Christmas Pudding Crispies

A fun chocolate Christmas pudding crispies recipe from Dr. Oetker

Christmas Tree Brownie Pops

A Christmas tree brownie pops recipe from Dr Oetker.

Kale, Cranberry & Prawn Cocktail

Health(ier) Recipes for the Festive Holidays from Discover Great Veg

Vanilla Chai Mulled Wine

A vanilla chai mulled wine recipe written by Tick Tock Tea.