January Detox

Your Guide To The January Detox: Recipes & Must-Read Tips For Healthy Eating

The more consistent you can be with your diet, and introduce small changes in the new year, the better results you will see, and the more sustainable it will be for you. Then the better you begin to feel, the more you are likely to continue.


To Snack or Not to Snack? The Low-Down on Eating Between Meals

Snacking. This daily past time can split the camp in the nutritional world with some claiming it encourages weight gain and others adamant it More

Beat the Bloat

3 Swift & Simple Meals for Bloat-Free, High Energy Days

It’s that time of year where we’re all feeling bloated after a long Christmas, so we¬†asked the expert¬†Kathie Swift to come up with some More

Immune Busting Kitchari Recipe

How to Make Kitchari – An Immune Busting Healthy Detox Recipe

Chef Peter teaches me how to make the perfect kitchery in this cooking demonstration. This is true Ayurvedic cooking, it’s delicious, and is very More