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cmv infections

What Are The Risks of Hugging and Kissing Your Child When Pregnant?

Should you also abstain from hugging and kissing your other children in order to prevent the spread of infection and CMV viruses?

morning sickness

The Low-Down on Anti-Sickness Pills & How to Alleviate Morning Sickness

Everything you need to know about morning sickness pills, whether they are safe and what are the best ones to take – as well as offering alternate ways to prevent sickness.


GP Approved Tips for Getting Your Kids Through the Hay-fever Season

Dr Preethi Daniel, Clinical Director at London Doctors Clinic gives us some tips for getting kids through the hay-fever season.

Debunking The Top Contraceptive Myths

Debunking The Top 10 Contraceptive Myths

I’ve met several sensible adults who believe myths about how to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. It’s time to set the record straight and separate the truth from the speculation.