Expert Vet Advice On How Best To Introduce A Dog Into Your Family

Vet Dr Charley Gray has shared her thoughts on the benefits of having a dog in the family and how you can make sure it works for everyone.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats, Dogs, Babies, Children and Pregnancy

An interview with our resident vet, Nick Haley, MA VetMB MRCVS I am going to have a baby, and

Pets in the home

Children and Pets: When to Introduce an Animal into Your Family

The benefits of children interacting with animals are well documented. Talking to an animal will develop a child’s speech and their capacity for empathy and compassion.

Samantha Giles

Emmerdale Star Samantha Giles on Pregnancy, Kids & Kitties

Cats Protection have just launched their latest campaign, Baby Love: Kids & Kitties. It’s a campaign that educates and encourages couples to keep their More

A Guide To The Black Cat Selfie

A Guide To The Black Cat Selfie

A Guide To The Black Cat Selfie – in response to The BBC news article claiming black cats are overlooked due to their inability to be photographed.

Is Your Pet Putting Your Family At Risk Of Illness?

Dogs shouldn’t be considered a danger to the family, but your pet could be carrying parasites that could be putting everyone at risk of illness.