Coping With Childhood Constipation: What To Use During The Movical Shortage

Zita West from Baba West is on hand with some advice on how constipation affects your child’s gut and overall health and what you can do to help. 

probiotics for infants

Probiotics for Infants Explained: How to Improve Your Baby’s Gut Health

Getting our babies’ microbiome right in their first thousand days of existence has almost become a ‘mantra” for the medical professions and especially paediatricians. The first thousand days incorporates the antenatal period (a healthy pregnant mother leads to a healthy baby) and our infants’ first two years of their life.

How To Help Your Baby’s Gut Health Right From The Start

Breastfeeding and caesarean birth affects your baby’s gut health. Here’s how you can help their gut health from the very start.

Beat the Bloat

What Causes Bloating During Pregnancy?

Leonora speaks to health expert Jane Clarke about why women feel bloated during pregnancy and the best ways to remedy it.

10 Probiotics You Should Try This Month

Probiotics should be a part of regular part of your diet. There are plenty of naturally probiotic-rich foods out there that can regulate gut bacteria.