STEM Activities

Trick of the light water experiments

Trick Of The Light – Is It Science Or Magic?

Firstly, I admit this isn’t a really magic trick – but it certainly has a wow factor that makes it looks like magic. When I More

growing crystals

Growing Crystals Overnight

YC and EC love to grow things, be it plants, those odd growing toys or crystals. We have done a few crystal growing experiments More

DIY Lava Lamps

DIY Lava Lamps

I do love a lava lamp, they are so hypnotic to watch, no wonder you often find them in sensory rooms. There have been More

How can you bounce a bubble?

How Can You Bounce a Bubble?

Last year I asked EC and YC what they wanted to do more of this year; EC wanted more science experiments and YC more More

Candy Cane Science Experiment

Candy Cane Science Experiment

I always find (as with most holidays) we seem to end up with lots of sweets around the house. At Easter we obviously have More

Cork raft challenge

STEM Activity: Cork Raft Challenge

EC is really into his STEM projects and loves to build things. This week I set a cork raft challenge for him (and of More

Nanny Anita’s How to Make a Slushy in a Bag

Phew! Last week was a scorcher of a week. I thought I had missed all the really hot weather when I was on holiday, More

Straw Bridge Challenge

Take The Straw Bridge Challenge!

Make sure you follow our STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas. We do a lot of science-based activities but not many that full More

Why Does it Rain?

One question that I am repeatedly asked by my little ones is “why does it rain?”  It may appear as an easy question, but More

Nanny Anita's STEM Activity

A S.T.E.M. Toothpick Constructions

This week’s activity was something slightly different; we decided to do something that was related to their development of S.T.E.M. skills, which stands for More

How to Dye Real Flowers a Million Colours

We have been trying to do this simple dyed flowers science experiment for the past year, but every time we tried it it never More

how to make your own coke cola

How to Make Your Own Coke Cola

A while ago I came across an experiment to make your own Coke Cola on Instagram.  YC was really keen to have a go, More

bio plastic

How to Make a Bio Plastic From Gelatine

I have been trying to do more kitchen science experiments because all of my charge’s love science-based activities.  We have made casein plastic before More

how to extract DNA from fruit

How to Extract DNA from Fruit

Did anyone extract DNA during biology class at school?  I remember doing it at A-Levels when we were looking at DNA.  Extracting DNA from More

coca cola experiments

4 Coca Cola Experiments

We have all heard the stories of how if you leave a tooth in coca cola that it will completely dissolve. EC was telling More

CD hovercrafts

How to Make CD Hovercrafts

I was cleaning out some files at home a couple of months ago and came across a loads of CD instruction booklets.  I could More

balloon powered car steam challenge

Balloon Powered Car: STEAM Challenge

A new STEAM challenge, building a balloon powered car!  This was the first challenge I have done sole with BB.  He wasn’t too interested More

Sun Tan Lotion Painting: Why We Need to Wear Sun Tan Lotion

Sun Tan Lotion Painting: Why We Need To Wear Sun Tan Lotion

I think I have lost count of the number of times I have struggled to put sun tan lotion onto a uncooperative child while More

How to Make Binary Bracelets

If there is one thing in this world that I don’t understand and can’t get my head around it’s computer programming. It baffles me More

egg in a bottle

An Egg in a Bottle Science Experiment

I don’t know if you saw the video of Tilly Ramsay playing an egg trick on her father, but I highly recommend find it.  More

water surface tension experiment

Exploring Water Surface Tension Experiment

I saw this exploring water surface tension experiment on Instagram and just thought it was incredibly and that we definitely had to try it More

Skittles Density Tower

Skittles Density Tower

A while ago I posted about an experiment that we had done using skittles, well we used that experiment to carry out another one; a More

Lego wind racers

Lego Wind Racers: Stem Challenge

Continuing on in our series of stem challenges, I challenged YC and EC to build Lego wind racers. Make sure you follow my STEM More

walking water science experiment

Walking Water Science Experiment

Every so often for bath time EC and YC like to add tablets that change the water colour. They like to see what colours More

earthquake stem challenge

Earthquake STEM Challenge

Make sure that you follow our STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to pin the Pin at the bottom. In More

Build a glow stick city

Building Glow Stick City

Sometimes the most enjoyable activities are the simplest ones; those that don’t require any steps to follow, but instead allow you to create with More

balloon races

Balloon Races For A Rainy Day

Balloon races are a great activity for a rainy day, especially if you have a house full of children over a wide age range. More

Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruptions: Set Your Own Volcano Off in This Simple Science Experiment

We are back to an oldie but a firm favourite activity of mine; setting off volcanoes. This was one of the shows I use More

Leak Proof Bag: Magic Trick or Science Experiment?

Don’t forget to follow our STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas. Do you have a spare 5 minutes? Do you really want to More

craft stick catapult

Craft Stick Catapult Steam Challenge

At the beginning of the year I stated I wanted to do more steam activities with EC as he doesn’t really want to do More

build a lift stem challenge

Build a Lift Stem Challenge

Trying to find ideas that are easy to do, fill up the time, and are educational can be tricky at the best of times. More

diet coke and mentos science experiment

Diet Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

When I worked for Disney Cruise Line one of the experiments we used to do with the children was the Diet Coke and Mentos More

Skittles Science Experiment

Skittles Science Experiment

Do you ever see a craft or activity online and think “I have to do that?” (I hope that at least some of my More

junk model paddleboat

How to Make a Junk Model Paddleboat

As EC is getting older, he is less inclined to take part in the craft activities. Which is absolutely fine, I just need to More

What is gravity?

What is Gravity? A Craft for Kids

This week’s science experiment is an easy one, it doesn’t require any real set up or clean up time (unless you make a huge More

Making rainbows: Exploring Light with Prisms

Making Rainbows: Exploring Light with a Prism

EC came home the other day with a reading book all about rainbows, after finishing it he decided that he wanted to make a More

how to make elephant toothpaste

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste has been an experiment I have wanted to try for ages. However, I thought getting my hands on the chemicals would be More

Egg Geodes: Grow your own crystals

Egg Geodes: Grow Your Own Crystals

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. After the excitement More

Making Snow Crystals

Make sure you are following my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. If there More

Making Lolly Pop Stick Catapults with the Kids

This is sure to be a big hit with your little and big ones. I made these the other day while EC and YC More

Easy Peasy Zip Lock Green House

This experiment came about by chance a few weeks ago and has been going on ever since. During dinner EC was eating his apple More

How Do You Shell An Egg Without Cracking It?

Have you ever tried to shell an egg without actually breaking it?  Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  Well I would have thought so too, until More

how to make your compass

How to Make Your Own Compass

Learning how to make your own compass is pretty easy, and it really doesn’t take much time at all. Make sure you follow my More

Germ experiment

Germ Experiment: What’s Growing On Your Hands?

Something suddenly hit me the other day while I was getting ready. And it was a possible reason as to why children don’t care More

Matchstick rockets

How to Make Matchstick Rockets

Do you know the quickest way to get a bunch of boys aged between 5 – 11 interested in doing an activity? Tell them More

DIY parachutes for teddies

DIY Parachutes for Teddies: STEM Activity

If there is one activity that EC is always asking to redo it is the egg drop challenge.  He absolutely loves it.  This week More

Red cabbage indicator experiment

Kitchen Science: Red Cabbage Indicator Experiment

Do you know what my first thought was when doing this red cabbage indicator experiment? Why is called red cabbage when it looks purple? More

milk and vinegar experiment

Make Casein Plastic in this Milk and Vinegar Experiment!

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later.  I’m not going to More

inflating a balloon science

Inflating a Balloon Experiment

Make sure you follow my STEM board on Pinterest for more ideas, and don’t forget to save the pin for later. Over the last More

water whistles: the science of sound

Water Whistle: The science of sound

This water whistle experiment is good to do if you have 5-10 minutes spare. EC and I had a go making between finishing homework More

egg drop challenge

Egg Drop Challenge: Can Your Egg Survive the Fall?

When I worked for the Disney Cruise Line there was a show that I did (about once a week) that involved experiments with eggs. More