This week, we interviewed the inspirational Tamara Arbib, founder of Rebel Kitchen. As a mother of three young children, her interest in healthy eating for children specifically deepened and she became frustrated with the lack of appealing and healthy food available for kids.

Tamara has always been passionate about children’s development through eating well. Along with her husband Ben, they launched The A Team Foundation four years ago with the aim to show how diet is central to overall health and to excite tangible change in the nation’s relationship and approach to food. Tamara soon realised that in order to effect change for all, it made sense to show that healthy eating could be achievable from a commercial perspective. She was frustrated with the lack of truly wholesome products that appealed to kids and satisfied cravings in a healthy way, so she set about to create a solution. Rebel Kitchen was born and lunch boxes will never be the same again!

Tamara currently lives with her husband and kids in the countryside in Hampshire.

You’re so young, you have three children and you’ve just launched your first business, how do you juggle everything?
Haha. It’s so funny you should ask as I am writing my responses from a couch with my littlest one sick with the norovirus on my lap having just cancelled my meetings! Every day is a juggle. Some times you feel like it’s all in control and other days not, but you can only do your best! I think it’s a lucky time to be a woman, to be able to have the choices that we once didn’t have, to be able to try to do it all if we want to.

Tell us a bit about Rebel Kitchen, we’re obsessed with the packaging and it tastes even better!
Thanks! This has been a long time in the making for me. I have a big dream of changing the food system from within, towards being healthier, more transparent, with no hidden nasties and show people that healthy can be tasty and affordable and we can show big business that health food can be commercially viable. We need to stand up to the big corporations and eventually become one of them and show them that bottom line is important but we don’t have to sacrifice health and wellbeing of people and planet to get there.

The first thing we’ve launched is a dairy free coconut milk drink. Three flavours for kids and soon three flavours for adults! Then we’ve got some exciting snacks in the pipeline. First, I want to make dairy free Mylk a mainstream category. With more people becoming aware that what they eat really does affect how they feel and wanting to make healthier choices, Rebel Kitchen is here to help them along that journey. This is a refined sugar free, dairy free incredible drink. We are about adding health into our lives, and this drink is one of those ways. All ingredients are superfoods from the antioxidant cacao and the metabolism boosting coconut milk to the date nectar that is a great source of iron and fibre, you can only be doing your body good.

Snacking is often where people go wrong, reaching for the unhealthy foods laden with processed sugar because most convenient snacks are exactly that.

With all the press around the food companies hiding ingredients, whether it be horse meat or unnecessary salt and sugar, people are waking up from their old habits of trusting the brands out there. They hungry for real health alternatives and Rebel Kitchen is the real deal.

You’ve recently moved from London to the countryside, what’s the main bonus of living outside of the city?
Fresh air, being close to nature, being able to get outside the marketplace of the city… it brings me more perspective, like a zoom out button. And the kids can be kids, less pressure, more play.

Are there any drawbacks of country living?
The commute back into the city for work!

What’s your favourite family recipe?
Such a hard one! So many. Nothing beats a good old my great grandmothers vegetable soup. It really does cure all!

You’re known for being super-healthy, but if you were to indulge in one naughty thing, what would that be?
Even my indulgences are healthy! My husband Ben makes the most incredible raw vegan deserts. He’s a pro. Like today for example, we had a raw cacao quinoa goji bar for elevenses, at lunch we just had a raw chocolate cupcake made from nuts, dates cacao and all sorts of yumminess for desert and in the afternoon we had his ginger protein cookies. It’s about adding health in, not denying yourself. Negative messaging is so dreary and boring and doesn’t work to make long term shifts to better health.

What’s on top of your to-do list this week?
Get more retailers to stock us!

How do you keep so trim after having three children?
Work out 5 days a week, not hours, but min 20-30 each week-day and walk the dogs. No short cuts. But I cannot live without moving daily. It affects my mood if I don’t.

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?
Those NUK glass bottles, NUK dummies, and Sudocrem – ok that was more than one, but it’s one per kid!

What’s in the pipeline for you this year?
What’s not?! Lots of exciting new product development going in the Rebel Kitchen!

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?
Positive high energy girl trying to spread light wherever I go 😉

Tamara Arbib, Founder Rebel Kitchen

Tamara Arbib, Founder Rebel Kitchen

Tamara Arbib Rebel Kitchen