We interviewed the stunning Tamara Ecclestone, television personality, model and eldest daughter of Formula One legend Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica. Tamara began her career at F1 magazine while modelling for Armani. This year, Tamara has launched new venture SHOW Beauty. She is married to Pacific Continental senior broker Jay Rutland and they are expecting their first child together next month.

Your baby is due next month, are you ready for your little arrival?

Almost ready – just waiting for the carpet to go down in the nursery but apart from that, we’re ready and so excited, hospital bags for the baby and me are packed and my sister has been amazing -helping me shop and getting me organised. I just can’t wait now!!!

Tell us a bit about your pregnancy so far – have there been any changes to your body that have shocked or surprised you, or has it been plain sailing so far?

The beginning of the pregnancy was tough as I had really bad morning sickness, I couldn’t eat anything at all but since that has passed I’ve been feeling really great and have enjoyed pregnancy. I feel really lucky. 

You always look impeccably stunning. What’s your favourite maternity brand for clothes, and do you have a staple look to flatter the bump?

I haven’t bought any maternity clothing I’ve been able to wear a lot of my regular clothes but some tops I’ve just bought in a size up. I’ve found sweater dresses really easy and comfortable to wear.

From your exposure to the world’s most sought-after hair and make-up artists, you’ve pulled together a team of professionals to form SHOW Beauty. Tell us a bit about your new venture.

Show beauty is something I am really proud of. I decided to launch it because to me, there is no hair care line like it on the market. It has a luxurious look and the fragrance makes it unique. Aside from that it really works! My favourite product is the dry shampoo. 

Do you find that people have preconceptions about you, being the daughter of such a successful businessman?

Unfortunately people do have preconceptions, and I used to worry about it a lot more than I do now. The only opinions that really matter to me are those of my family and friends and people that know the real me.

Having a baby can be life changing. Are there any milestones ahead that you’re particularly excited about, and how do you think your lifestyle will change?

I am just excited to be a mum and start a family with Jay. We are ready for life to change as it’s only changing for the better. There are so many firsts to look forward to, but for now I just can’t wait to meet our baby. 

Are and your sister Petra very close, and is she looking forward to being an auntie?

So far being an aunt to my sister’s baby has been the best job ever. I know Petra is so excited to become an aunt, there will be just a year between our children which is so perfect! 

Tell us about your husband Jay – he must be very excited about the imminent arrival?

Jay is so excited, he has been so supportive through my pregnancy, he has never missed a doctor’s appointment. He has been just amazing – Jay loves children and is so natural with them. I know he can’t wait to have his own I am sure he’s going to be an amazing dad.

You support Great Ormond Street Hospital, Starlight and the Dog’s Trust. Why are these charities so important to you?

Gosh is such an amazing place, I just visited yesterday. The nurses and doctors do such an amazing job, and despite being a hospital I find it such a place of hope. Not all children are fortunate to have the best start to life and loving children as much as I do, it was a natural fit to support the charity.

How would you sum yourself up in one sentence? 

Loyal, caring, impulsive and slightly inpatient.