Learning how to form letters properly takes a long time and needs lots of practice. To break things up a bit, I use a variety of different techniques.  Ones that generally uses more than one senses i.e. salt writing. For today’s practice we have been using washi tape to create tape letters.

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You will need:

  • tape*
  • paper

* we used washi tape as it is easy to peel off the paper if you make a mistake.

I would call out a letter and YC would break off the tape and stick it on her paper to form that it. You could really see her mind working as she was trying to figure out what the letter would look like, because doing it with tape makes it slightly harder. When she couldn’t figure out one of them I told her to use her finger in the air to draw the letter, once she had done that she was fine.


YC loves anything to do with using tape, especially washi tape that comes in cool colours and patterns. I only did a couple of letters with her, but she was eager to do more and then wanted to carry on making her own pictures using tape.

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Letter formation using washi tape. Children's writing activity.