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I am probably going to show my age with this, but do you remember using Microsoft Paint and making those squiggly doodles and then filling each area with a different colour? Or using a blank page of an exercise book to do the same thing using pens? I think I passed many a dull lesson doing this. This craft is kind of inspired by those doodles.


We did this as part of our rest time the other day, EC and I had literally walked around London all morning and were exhausted, so this made the perfect time to do it. YC came home from a play date and wanted in on what we were doing.

You will need:

  • Canvas
  • Masking or washi tape
  • Paint*
  • Paintbrush

* You can use ordinary poster paints on canvas but it will probably flake off once dried. The best paint to use is either acrylic or oil.

Cover your canvas with tape to create your patterns.


Then paint your uncovered areas. I set the challenge of trying not paint the same colour next to each other.


Once it is dry peel the tape off.

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Use tape on canvas to create beautiful works of art. Easy to do with children of all ages.