Each Christmas we make our own Christmas cards to hand out. I normally then go and make loads more of them for my own ones. This years one are tape resist christmas cards, and I think that they could possibly be the best ones that we have made (so far).

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To make tape resist christmas cards you will need:

  • Washi tape
  • Blank cards
  • Water paints
  • Paint brushes

Tape resist christmas cards

Start by using the washi tape to create you design on the front of your card. EC managed to do all his designs on the back of the cards. As a result all of his open back to front.

Tape resist christmas cards

Then cover the design with paint.

Tape resist christmas cards

EC’s finished cards – note the back to front opening.

When it has dried, carefully remove the tape from the card.

Tape resist christmas cards

The card that BB helped paint.

Although BB was too small to really do the tape designing part, he did join in with the painting. Much to the annoyance of YC and EC as BB kept mixing all the colours together. Never mind. He enjoyed himself. And all the cards turned out beautifully.

Tape resist christmas cards

YC’s cards

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Tape resist christmas cards - a great christmas craft for kids.