taste safe paint for toddlers

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Taste Safe Paint for Toddlers

This is the second time that BB has done some painting. The first time he had a go the paint ended up straight in his mouth. No big surprise there. And although the paint said they were non toxic they are still made with lots of things I really don’t want BB to eat. This time I decided that we would make our own taste safe paint. There are a whole variety of different recipes out there for taste safe paint for toddlers, but I really wanted a basic one that is easy and quick to make. With only 3 ingredients, this one fits that bill.

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You will need:

*if you have a child he is allergic gluten then I am pretty sure that this would work with gluten free flour.

taste safe paint for toddlers

For each colour that you use you will need 1 tbls of flour mixed with 2 tbls of water. This is a pretty forgiving recipe, if you add too much of one ingredient just add a little more of the other one. Then mix it to get the right consistency. It should resemble pancake mix.

Next add food colouring to each jar. I used liquid, gels, and paste food colourings and they all produced wonderfully vibrant colours.

When it came to painting I taped a long roll of paper to the table to cover any area BB could reach.

taste safe paint for toddlers

I was slightly worried that he wouldn’t like the texture of it and therefore not want to touch it. To begin with he was all about dipping the paintbrushes into the paint. Which then became him making marks on the paper with the paint. Because let’s face it, he isn’t really painting, he is mark making. Which is actually a vital part in the development of learning to write. In the end he abandoned the brushes and went for finger painting.

taste safe paint for toddlers

The activity lasted about 10 minutes, which is great for a 14month old. The paints should last a few days if you store them in an air tight container.

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Taste safe paint for toddlers made from 3 ingredients


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