My son is learning with RWI and only one term in and it’s amazing me every day.  I hated learning to read and it was something I found very difficult. My son is quite the opposite, he wants me to read books with him over and over again and is learning new words and sounds every day.  It’s very special to see such a gift unwind and I’m so pleased to have Ruth writing for us and explaining the steps of her brilliant programme.

To ensure your child is a happy and confident reader, immerse your child in the world of story. Here are two short Storytime videos we’ve produced for parents:

Story Time at Home

Parent Tutorial 2 Storytime at Home

If you want to teach your child to read using my programme, Read Write Inc. Phonics, here are my 5 top tips:

  1. Understand what Read Write Inc. Phonics is by watching this short parent tutorial:

  1. Practise pronouncing your pure sounds – modelled here by 5 year-old Sylvie:

Make sure there is no ‘fuh’ and ‘luh’ as children need to blend with the purest sounds possible.

  1. Purchase a frieze from Oxford University Press for your child’s bedroom and start practising by running through the pictures and the corresponding sounds as shown here:

Click here for the frieze.

Your child will love it if you give them lots of praise and encouragement.

  1. Start using “Fred talk” (breaking a word down into its purest sounds) in every day conversation: “would you like some m-i-l-k?” Your child will begin to see the link between individual sounds and forming whole words.
  2. Use Speed Sounds Set 1 flashcards for to teach the individual sounds with letter formation. Watch the demonstration here:


When you child has learnt Speed Sounds Set 1 they are ready to use “Fred talk” to read our little Phonics Storybooks. It is important that they only read books with sounds that they know in. Start with the Green books and move onto Purple then Pink. If your child attends a Read Write Inc. school these books are particularly useful as they won’t have read them in class already – they are just for parents to read at home.

Green Storybooks (extra stories)
Purple Storybooks (extra stories)
Pink Storybooks  (extra stories):

Remember throughout to stay positive, keep smiling and praise success!

By Ruth Miskin

About The Author

Phonics Consultant

Ruth Miskin is one of the UK's leading authorities on teaching children to read. She has many years experience as a head teacher, teacher trainer and consultant in phonics and literacy, working with primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. Her time as a headteacher in Tower Hamlets convinced her that when headteachers put reading at the heart of their schools they change everything. Their children learn to read quickly, get the reading habit early, learn to love reading and are successful at school. These heads ensure that every teacher becomes an expert in the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Ruth's programmes provide high-quality innovative resources and, even more importantly, provide the training necessary for every teacher and teaching assistant to teach literacy effectively and enthusiastically. Read Write Inc. Phonics has now been adopted in around 5,000 schools across the UK and worldwide. Oxford University Press published her comprehensive Literacy and Language programme for 6-11 year olds in May 2013. Ruth has been an adviser to the Government on many aspects of literacy teaching since 1997, from the early stages of the National Literacy Strategy to the Rose Review into the teaching of reading, the National Curriculum Review Committee and Lord Bew's SATs Review Committee. Ruth was awarded an OBE for services to Education in 2011. Her work has been featured both by Newsnight on BBC1 and Dispatches on Channel 4.

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