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How To Choose A Teething Toy For Your Baby

A teething toy is a valuable piece of kit when your baby’s teeth start coming through. You’ll know when it happens because they’ll be grizzlier than usual and it’ll be around the two-month mark. Your tot will be experiencing pain, irritation and swelling. The best solution to their discomfort is to give them something to chew on. Putting pressure on their gums can help to relieve some of the painful symptoms of teething; this is where a teething toy comes in.

Why does my child need a teether?

Teething is an unavoidable phase that children go through. A teething toy can soothe the pain and discomfort that comes with development of milk teeth. You’ll have perhaps noticed already that your child tries to put everything in their mouth. This part of their development and how they learn about the world around them. A teething toy will help your child to become aware of their mouth, tongue and ability to chew. It will also help them cope with the irritation that comes with teething.

What should you look for in a teether?

Non-toxic material

Anything toxic shouldn’t be going anywhere near your baby’s mouth. Look for the FDA approved symbol and opt for a teething toy that’s BPA free; this will ensure the material is safe for putting in the mouth. Often teethers are made from maple wood or silicone; the former is good for reducing your plastic consumption, while the latter is soft to touch and soft against their gums.


To prevent the spread of bacteria, choose a teething toy that’s easy to keep clean and dishwasher-friendly (this means it will not become deformed or melt at high or low temperatures). A teething toy with antimicrobial properties is your best option. Maple wood teething toys resist bacteria and a teether made with BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology can kill microbes that touch it. The BioCote® technology means the material kills 99.9% of microbes it comes into contact within two hours. The Mini Monkey Teether is the first anti-microbial and anti-bacterial teether containing this technology to hit the market, a feature that’s ideal since we know how much babies like to throw things around!


Choose a good shaped teether that your baba can cling onto. If your little one can get a good grip on their teether, they’ll be able to chew on it easily and reach the sore points in their mouth. For example, the arms, legs and tail on the Matchstick Monkey are great for them to grip onto and the head can easily be moved around in your child’s mouth. 


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