There are lots of ingenious apps popping up at the moment, from beauty app RUBY, babysitter’s Bubble, to Tinder meets NCT’s MUSH, and although I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, I’m now fully embracing the app world, and I’ll now quite happily book myself a massage with someone I’ve never met, as I’m finding the brilliant businesses behind these apps have really thought of everything – and that includes your security.

With all that in mind, I was excited to hear about brilliant new kid on the app block, OneLane, London’s first ride-and-care app for kids, and they’re not joking when they say it’s set to revolutionise the school run. Through research, OneLane discovered that 77% of us parents find the school run more stressful than work, and I can quite believe it. What’s more, not only do they relieve you of the stressful school run, they work weekends too! In fact, they’ll happily courier your child to and from parties, holiday camps, after school activities – you name it.

Curious!? You should be. Check out the TEN things you need to know about OneLane while you wait for the app to download.

1) OneLane is a specialist childcare service, not a taxi service, so they pick up your child from inside your home, ensure they are buckled into the car, and do the check in/out process with school as required. They can also provide up to two hours of childcare before or after a ride (hello holiday camp pick up and drop offs!).

2) OneLane app only uses female childcare providers, who they call ‘Guardians’. All OneLane’s Guardians are of course thoroughly vetted, (the all-important DBS and DVLA checks and a thorough vetting process including passport and reference checks) so you don’t have to worry.

3) Safety first! Families have the opportunity to meet their Guardian before any rides take place, so you’ll get to know yours. Guardians are matched with a family to ensure consistency of service for parents and a familiar face for the children.


4) There’s ALWAYS a seat free in the car so you can jump in if you want to travel with your child – great for those that want that extra bit of reassurance. OneLane encourage parents to join the first ride, so they can talk through any handover details, think parking tips or school check in processes for example.

5) A grand total of 50 schools in London are currently pick up/drop off points for OneLane clients, including Wetherby School, St. Michaels in Southfields, Fairley House School for children with learning disabilities. This will continue to grow.


6) It’s not all about the school run. OneLane are on hand to transport your children to after school activities and holiday camps. They’re working in partnership with doctors and dentists all over the capital to cover those routine appointments that crop up during the school day too. Oh, and what’s more – they work weekends too!

7) Most parents use the service 8-14 times a month during term times, showing how much clients love the service once they start using it. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

8) OneLane is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with – the business is growing rapidly through word of mouth alone: it’s the primary source of new clients with over half of new customers coming in through referrals and was recently featured in Evening Standard, City AM, and Huffington Post. They were recently named finalists in the Mum and Working Awards.

9) Taking care of the environment: OneLane’s nifty carpool initiative launches in September which will decrease the number of cars on the road at school run times and improve road safety whilst decreasing air pollution.

10) Get in on the action! OneLane launched their Crowdcube raise allowing anyone to invest in the company from just £10. OneLane are keen to give their customers the opportunity to share in their growth.

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