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The Babywearing Workout You And Your Baba Need To Try!

CARiFiT is changing perceptions and educating new mothers about post-natal fitness. Devised by an ante and post natal fitness expert in London, all of their workouts are done whilst wearing the baby, offering new mothers the chance to get back into shape and bond with their baby. New mothers and CARiFiT devotees in 17 countries and counting are regularly posting about their amazing body changing results in as little as 12 minutes per day! Because CARiFiT workouts have been carefully and purposefully designed to be highly effective yet safe, the results are quickly apparent.

The name CARiFiT stems from the structure and design of the workouts yet it cleverly encompasses the babywearing element of their programmes. Put simply, the letters represent the following:

C – Cardio

A – And

R – Resistance

I – Intervals

Each of the workouts offers a mixture of cardio and resistance interval training techniques all designed to engage the core, improve the posture, and increase all-round fitness during the most exciting but exhausting time of a new mother’s life!


Their emphasis is always on providing a safe yet effective workout that has been designed for all new mothers to take part in whenever and wherever they want to without the need to leave their babies. For the ladies that are used to high intensity pre-choreographed workouts they will feel a reassuring sense of familiarity and to those new to working out all they offer an easy to follow yet constantly challenging workout that will leave them energised and exhilarated.

Many will be surprised to learn that CARiFiT is the brainchild of Vern Hill, an ante and post natal fitness expert who is also a father of two! He is supported by a team of industry leading fitness professionals as well as top doctors, midwives, physios and babywearing experts…nothing is left to chance.

All of the CARiFiT workouts go through the same process – once the moves have been fine-tuned they are tested whilst babywearing and then observed by fellow professionals in both the medical and fitness fields to then structure the sequence of exercises to offer a safe and thorough post-natal specific full body workout.

Their studio-based classes are always 30 minutes long and the online workout options range from 12 minutes to 30 minutes. All of the classes are designed to be inclusive so that no matter what level of fitness the participants have to start with, they are encouraged to get involved and experience the incredible fitness, bonding and mental health benefits of their unique workouts.

Anyone that is London based can try out the live classes and experience a truly amazing environment filled with inspirational new mums and gorgeous new babies – all of whom share the common goal to get fit and enjoy working out.

The CARiFiT online membership was created to offer new mothers everywhere the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our workouts wherever they are in the world at any time of the day or night. They also offer exclusive benefits to their members in the subscription-only members portal. The flexible membership options that start from just £17.49 per month provides numerous workout options to vary the routines and workout as regularly as the member would like to. There is also plenty of lifestyle and nutritional advice to help make the right or necessary changes and every online member receives full support via email from their own post-natal fitness expert.

Follow their Facebook and Twitter to see stories of real mums from the London classes and all over world benefitting from their CARiFiT sessions.

We hope you love doing them as much as we did!

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