I found it really difficult introducing foods to my CMPA daughter Maddie, who suffered terribly with reflux, silent reflux and general gut issues up until around seven months. There aren’t many pre-prepared dairy free snacks out there. If you’re looking for dairy free snacks you can stash in your nappy bag for on-the-go moments, here are some of Maddie’s favourites guaranteed to please your little ones.

For more information on weaning a CMPA baby, check out this expert article by the UK’s leading specialist paediatric dietitian Dr Rosan Meyer on Weaning Your CMPA Baby: Important Things You Need To Know.

Best dairy free snacks for toddlers

Ha-Pea Snaps, Kiddylicious

Veggie Straws, Kiddylicious

Mini Banana Coconut Rolls, Kiddylicious

Finger Foods Carrot Sticks, Organix

Yoyos, Bear Nibbles

Banana Baby Biscuits, Organix

Dairy Free Yogurts, The Coconut Collaborative

Organic Raisin Fruit Snack, Organix

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