I’ve found it really difficult introducing foods to my CMPA daughter Maddie, who suffered terribly with reflux, silent reflux and general gut issues up until around seven months. She’s almost one now, but she’s still struggling on the first rung of the milk ladder. There aren’t many pre-prepared dairy free snacks out there – ones you can stash in your nappy bag for on-the-go moments, but here are some of Maddie’s favourites.

Ha-Pea Snaps, Kiddylicious

Veggie Straws, Kiddylicious

Mini Banana Coconut Rolls, Kiddylicious

The Coconut Collaborative Little Lemon Pots Dairy-free Temptations, Ocado

The Coconut Collaborative Dairy Free Yogurts, Ocado

Finger Foods Carrot Sticks, Organix

Strawberry Fruity Puffs, Kiddylicious

Organix Finger Food Sweetcorn Rings


Have Yourself a Dairy (and Soya) Free Little Christmas

Top 10 Dairy Free Cakes for CMPA Toddlers

Blueberry Wafers, Kiddylicious


Goodies Farm Animal Biscuits, Organix

Sun-Maid California Raisins, Ocado

Yoyos, Bear Nibbles

Strawberry Baby Biscuits, Organix