The Bump Class was conceived on a winter’s walk in 2013, by sisters Dr Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle. Both felt passionately that if pregnant women were really well prepared in the last stages of their pregnancies, for both labour but the early stages of motherhood, they would generally fare much better.  Thus The Bump Class was born, informative, impartial and above all great fun.

Marina and Chiara have tailored the classes to meet the needs of parents who want to learn about the practical elements of pregnancy, child birth, breastfeeding and parenting from a supportive, pragmatic and unbiased point of view.

DR CHIARA HUNT is a private GP based at the Sloane Street Surgery, Knightsbridge. She has worked on the labour ward at St Mary’s, Paddington and Chelsea and Westminster, as well as in paediatrics.

MARINA FOGLE provides the practical advice.  Between, them the sisters have four children.  The Bump Class is now the go-to antenatal course for London’s discerning mothers and its creators are now writing a series of books on parenting.


About The Author

Marina Fogle
The Bump Class

Marina Fogle, together with her sister, Dr Chiara Hunt, is a founder of The Bump Class. She lives in Notting Hill with her husband, the broadcaster, Ben Fogle, their two children, Ludo and Iona and their increasingly fed up Labrador, Maggi. I'm very excited to be doing a diary of my pregnancy for My Baba. What I've learnt from running The Bump Class is that pregnant women often have similar concerns and worries and it's nice to share the journey with someone who is at the same stage.

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