I’ve just got back from the Tulipop launch, a truly magical children’s range. The enchanting world of Tulipop was dreamt up and bought to market by two best friends, Signy and Helga, launching in their home country of Iceland.

I have to say, I have fallen completely in love with Fred, one of the cutest characters I have ever seen! They’re all pretty cute in fact, but Fred is the strong silent type, who looks like he might be scary, but he’s just too adorable to succeed.

Along with Fred, there’s Mr. Tree, Gloomy, Bubble and Miss Maddy – an intriguing bunch of characters, setting out to challenge gender stereotypes in the most magical way. The range includes dinner sets, stationery, wall posters, key rings, bedroom night lights and much much more – anything from their range would make the most charming present.

I’m very excited to have met Signy and Helga, and I can’t wait to see the Tulipop brand go from strength to strength. I’m rooting for Tulipop The Movie!

Here are some snaps I took from the launch, and ps – I can’t bear to eat Fred the cupcake, he’s just too cute, so he’ll sit on my desk for now!


Tulipop's Fred

Tulipop’s Fred

photo 2 copy


photo 3 copy 2

Tulipop's Fred - the cupcake

Tulipop’s Fred – the cupcake