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Features / 5 March, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

The Genius New Safety Companion Automatically Alerts if Your Kids Need Help

Introducing Chaperhome

Brilliant new App Chaperhome is a fantastic tool that allows your kids smart phone to alert you automatically if they don’t arrive on time. It allows them to send you a pre-journey notification and if something goes wrong you automatically get a Chaperhome message and their location. They can set it up to so it lets you know they left school or a friends on time and if they arrived on time. All this happens in the background, with no fuss and no hassle.

Recent statistics report that only 25% of children walk to school alone compared to 86% in 1971, despite research concluding that children’s independence outside of the home contributes to both their wellbeing and development. Chaperhome is the perfect solution for any parents ready to give their child that bit more freedom.

A Digital Chaperone

The Chaperhome app acts as a digital chaperone, with your child being the ‘user’, and you, the ‘protector’. Setting up a list of protectors is easy – you simply select from family and friends in your address book. The app enables your child to keep in touch to update you on their location, and tell you how safe they’re feeling. Unlike communication by text, Chaperhome will communicate automatically, sending messages and alerts.

Timely Taps

Chaperhome is incredibly easy to use. The app enables your child to provide you with regular alerts in the form of timely taps throughout their journey. If something were to happen, and your child wanted to send an alarm, all they would need to do is to stop using the timely taps. Chaperhome would then automatically send the protector an alarm message with location details so you can provide instant assistance.

Your child can even activate a timed companion message to remind you to check in at a specified time.

Kids will automatically keep you updated on their journey

Kids don’t like being tracked and so Chaperhome is the perfect solution for any parents worrying when their child gets a bit more freedom. It quietly works in the background alerting you if they might need your help. Once setup, you can preview the journey by tapping it in your updates page. When they leave and arrive, Chaperhome will keep you updated. Alerts can be made by destination or a specific time.
For parents with teenagers, this app allows you to negotiate the time they’re expected home, and if they don’t arrive back when agreed, an alarm will sound.

Safety in Numbers

Your child can also link to groups of friends. This function aims to keep groups of children together, being safer in numbers. Alerts can be sent in the form of a pre-set message via a simple tap to ask nearby friends for assistance.

Police Reports

It’s a setting you can turn off, but interestingly, the app details any recent police reports in the area. At the time of writing, the app listed anti social behaviour in a nearby road 1.26km away, along with the time the incident occurred.

Chaperhome App is brilliant for Grownup children and adults too!

This must have app is free and quick to download from the App store.
Sponsored content in collaboration with Chaperhome.

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