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Premium pushchair brand Joolz are always on the money when it comes to their stylish strollers. I was keen to test out the modular Joolz Geo in duo format as a solution for getting out and about easily with my almost 2-year old daughter and my son, once he arrives in April.


The Joolz Geoduo arrived in two cardboard boxes. In the main box I found everything required for a singular pram or buggy. In the second box, were the all-important extras in order to covert the stroller from a mono to a duo transport system, with the addition of a second seat or bassinet. The build was easy. Everything seemed to be very intuitive,  with baskets, seats and bassinets clicking easily into place.

Box 1

  • Chassis
  • Upper cot with hypo-allergenic breathable mattress and cover (bassinet can be used for overnight sleeping too!)
  • Upper seat
  • Bumper bar
  • Rear and front wheels
  • Sunhood with extension for pram or upper seat
  • XXL Basket

Box 2: Expandable Lower Set

  • Lower cot with mattress and cover
  • Lower seat
  • Sunhood

Multiple configurations to suit your needs

The Geo2 transport system can be used in a number of clever configurations, with reversible carrycot and seat. You can mix and match the bassinets and stroller seats to suit your family’s needs, making it ideal for twins, or two children of different ages.

It’s worth noting that the Geo2 is also travel system compatible, with car seat adaptors sold as extras.

Stylishly smart

The Geo is a beautiful stroller. Choose from a whole host of colours from their Earth, Studio and Quadro collections. There’s also a fabulous range of accessories available, matching changing bags, footmuffs and parasols are sold separately if you want to kit yourself out head to toe with all things Joolz.

I opted for the ‘Parrot Blue’ stroller and I was not disappointed. The streamlined silver chassis against the sophisticated crisp navy canvas with contrasting brown leatherette handle and bumper bar will turn heads in the high street. It’s a stroller to be proud to push around town.

Perfectly practical

The stroller benefits from four wheel suspension while its large EVA puncture-proof tyres won’t let you down. The Geo2  has been built to tackle every terrain flawlessly, while the babas enjoy a smooth ride. The adjustable handle bar can be steered with one-hand which means you have one free for those times when you need it!

It’s inevitable that while in Duo mode it’s a fairly sizeable stroller, however, the Geo2 is compact with its clever one-motion folding technology. There’s also a transport lock to enable even more portability when you’re on the go. The stroller fits easily into our regular sized boot boot – another win.

Storage space

In mono mode, there’s space to slot the XL under-seat storage basket, and my oh my, it is admirably HUGE! I was a little disappointed that there isn’t the option to keep the basket in place once the stroller has converted to a duo – but with one child seated above the other, you can see why that’s not possible. Instead, Joolz offer an alternative by way of the Joolz Duo sidepack which is a slick looking bag that attaches to either side of the buggy. The sidepack also doubles up as a shoulder bag/change bag, which will no doubt come in handy.

Ergonomic comfort

The ergonomic seat has three recline positions brilliant for toddlers wanting to be upright and for those that like to nap on the go.

The upper level, whether home to seat or carrycot is set to table height, which is really handy if you need the stroller to double up as a highchair.

The extendable UPF50+ sun hood is perfect for shielding little ones against the elements. I love the carrycot’s hidden see-through ventilation panel, so on warm sunny days baby can benefit from an extra flow of fresh air through the breathable mesh.


Award-winning Dutch brand Joolz are known for their ergonomic, luxurious and comfortable designs, and the Geois no exception. A beautiful, built-to-last stroller designed to make your life easier; this product offers the ultimate in practicality and longevity. It’s a stroller with brains as well as brawn, and one that will grow with you and your family.

It’s compact, easily manoeuvrable and it looks absolutely stunning. I am even more super-excited for my new arrival this spring so I can spend many a day in the sunshine exploring the outdoors with both children in the Joolz Geo2.

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