Planning a nursery and buying the essential pieces of baby kit are some of the most exciting things you can do ahead of your baby arriving. We know more than most how many hundreds of different products are on the market, and just how overwhelming it can be to know which ones to buy for the best. We’ve found a new multifaceted product on the block that’s a must for any new family, the Multy, by Swedish company, Ninnananna.

What’s great about the Multy is that it beautifully converts into different products to match your child’s age and stage of development, from birth up to 10 years old. Made out of durable, good quality wood, the Multy is a product that in each of its stages is built to last.

The stylish and incredibly versatile 4-in-1 Multy starts out as a compact baby crib for those important early days when you arrive home. What’s special about the Multy crib is that it’s designed to rock longitudinally which not only mimics the cuddle of a parent, but can also aid reflux, which can be a lifesaver for any parent struggling with a newborn suffering from the condition. It’s the different crib settings that are key, the crib can be locked in several angled positions, flat for sleeping, or tilted to aid reflux and even cold symptoms. The crib can be rocked gently, soothing sleep, and calming the baby. Sounds ingenious to us!


Once your baby is old enough to sit upright, cue the second transformation of the Multy, which will usually and very conveniently coincide with the time your baby will grow out of the crib. The crib transforms into a highchair, with a curved design to enable your baby to sit up close to the family table.


The Multy then cleverly converts to a child seat, and finally a storage facility, with a simple timeless design to look attractive in any child’s bedroom or playroom for years to come. What I love about the Multy is that aesthetically, it looks great, and it’s not a product that will not clutter up your dining room.



Each part of the Multy not only looks super-slick, but has been thoughtfully designed to become an indispensible part of your child’s development and family life. Each stage of the Multy is very easy to assemble, proving without a doubt to be a fantastic investment. What’s more, the Multy is currently retailing at a very reasonable £179.99. What are you waiting for!?

To see The Multy in action, you’ll find Ninnananna at The Baby Show, London Olympia from 21st to 23rd October. You’ll find them at stand H72.