It all started 7 years ago. I was pregnant with my son Fletcher, and like any pregnant mum I was excited about decorating my baby’s nursery. After many hours deliberating on what colour to go for I bought some paint from the local DIY store. I told the assistant that I was painting my baby’s nursery; she said that paints no longer contain lead and as long as the one I chose was water based I would be fine. I got it home and couldn’t wait to get started, opening up the can and starting to decorate I became a bit overwhelmed by the smell. I stopped decorating and thought this can’t be good for me, so off to the internet to find out what was going on.

I soon learnt that what I could smell was VOC’s (Volitile Organic Substances) which are the gases produced by the chemicals contained in the paint. These chemicals give off these gases long after the paint has dried, particularly if you put your heating on. Investigating a little further I discovered that inhaling VOC’s can have major affects on people’s health. My research unearthed studies linking VOC’s with irritation to eyes, nose, throat and skin as well as Asthma and ADHD to name just a couple (there were many more listed). After reading this all there was no way I was painting my babies room in anything that either I could breathe in or that he would breathe in when he was born.

Decision made I then got myself very confused trying to find suitable paint. I had also been given an old cot this I found out ideally should be painted using a paint which is certified BS EN71-3 (this is the European standard for paint which is safe to use on toys as it ensures it is safe if it is chewed). I eventually found a company whose paint was natural but once I did a little more research I found out it actually only contained natural pigments but still used a base which contained VOCs. I had many more confusing scenarios along the way trying to find the perfect paint… All I wanted was a paint that I knew would be safe for me and safe for my baby.

This was how The Nursery Paint Company came about, the paint base is made from soya oil rather than oils derived from petro chemicals and it uses natural pigments. When designing the paint I also wanted to give it that little something extra and so have added silver colloid to the formula which gives it antibacterial properties. The entire range is certified BS EN71-3 which means it is especially popular for painting cots (see our video on how to update an second hand cot). 

I really hope that by producing this paint we have taken the confusion out of what to choose when you want to decorate your nursery.

Helen Thomson, The Nursery Paint Company