For the past few months everytime we’d go to a birthday party my son would look up at me and asks if his is next. It’s a funny age because although we had a great and fun party for his 2nd, they don’t really remember it. I’m told that the 3rd birthday is really quite a milestone and one they do tend to remember. 

Having just started nursery a few mornings a week he’s got a lovely little group of friends and adding them to family we seem to hit 19 children. We arrived back jetlagged and blurry eyed the day before his big day, and throwing his party at R.S. Currie & Co was the best decision I’ve made. 

With Chelsea’s organisation, it couldn’t have been easier. I settled on a mixture of typical party food, with sandwiches, hula hoops and cocktail sausages. They even offered to collect mini burgers from Byron Burger to keep the adults happy. 

She enquired as to what his favourite theme was, and it couldn’t be more easy: Cars, the Movie, I replied. 

R.S. Currie & Co is a magical toy shop on Westbourne Grove and so I even left the party bags to her, which were fun little bits carefully picked from the shop to go with the theme. 

I’m embarrassed to say the only thing I really organised myself was the cake, a giant number 3 with coloured spots on. We arrived just before 11am to find the entertainer Alice, the most wonderful girl who managed to remember every single name! She was dressed head-to-toe as a racing driver and proceeded to tell my son stories of driving each and every Cars character. 

She drew us back through the shop, to an area which was lined with trestle tables, lunch ready, bright balloons, personalised bunting and a gigantic number 3 helium balloon, number 3. 

Following her up the stairs, we were led into an Aladdin’s Cave for children, where the party games began. An hour of old fashioned games was followed by a perfect lunch, pass the parcel and then time for everyone to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ before leaving for home for a really good sleep. 

It really was a party to remember. 

R.S. Currie & Co have kindly said that they would like to offer our readers a 10% discount for any of our readers, when quoting ‘The Baba Blog’.