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5 Educational Apps For Back-To-School Week

Getting your little ones back into the swing of learning can be a tricky feat for even the best of us, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to try and ease the massive contrast of having fun at home and being tied down at school learning. If you can make a gradual transition from one end of the spectrum to the other, the blow is a lot softer when your child is back at school.

But how are you supposed to do this? The answer is simple – apps! Of course, there are other options such as picture books, educational television programs and classes; but there’s no harm in adding applications into the mix. With children becoming more and more accustomed to the latest technology, navigating their way through these apps won’t be a challenge.

From maths to history, we have five of the best educational apps that are both fun and informative.

1: Azoomee

Azoomee is an app that basically acts as a child-safe hub for all things digital. It offers a variety of TV shows, games, and audiobooks all in one place. This allows kids to learn, watch and listen to child appropriate material – a lot of which is educational. We’d advise setting them up with an episode of the Horrible Histories TV show, or try out the Art Studio section and get your little baba to practise their art skills!

Great for ages: 5 – 9


2: The Human Body by Tinybop

Tinybop offer so many different apps, most of which are science-based. From space to plant life, your child can easily learn the basics about the world around us and how things work. We suggest downloading The Human Body app; your child will love learning about what makes us tick!

Great for ages: 4+

3: Endless Alphabet by PEGI 3

This interactive app features a series of playful monsters that guide your child through the alphabet and teaches them words for each letter. You are also able to set the skill level based on your child’s capability. We love that this app focuses on building your kids vocabulary!

Great for ages: 3+


4: Hakitzu – The Code Warrior by Kuato Studios

This very impressive app is completely free, which is shocking when you see what it teaches your children! The app aims to teach children the basics of how to code using Javascript, which is a whole language in itself! Set out as a game, your child will build robot warriors and control them using their newly learnt coding skills.

Great for ages: 9+

5: Mystery Math Town by Artgig Studio

This game is for the very bravest of little babas! This aged 6 – 12 maths-based game allows your little one to navigate round various spooky houses. You must complete the sum at hand in order to go through doors, windows and up ladders. You can also adjust the difficulty level depending on how strong your kids numerical skills are.

Great for ages: 4+




Image Credit: Digital Trends


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