The Ultimate Baby and Toddler Play Mat

Living / 29 January, 2018 / Ellie Thompson

The Ultimate Playmat for Your Growing Baby

Every now and then we’re introduced to a new product that’s genuinely exciting, and the JayceeBaby Perfectly Padded Playmat is most definitely one of them. This uber cool playmat was designed by Sayjel and her sister, a doctor and a dentist, both of whom were inspired to create something that would help Sayjel’s son, who had developed a severe flat head from around four months old.

Our house is wood floored and the average playmat does nothing to protect against the inevitable eventuality of head and floor contact, so we’ve spent most of the last 7 months of my daughter’s life on our sofa for extra cushioning – up until the delivery of our Perfectly Padded Playmat.

The Perfectly Padded Playmat is one-of-a-kind, and almost more of a play-mattress with its 5cm thick and soft padding. The playmat was created to encourage tummy time and provide a safe, soft and supportive environment for play and development. It’s brilliant for cushioning babies mastering the art of sitting up, and for toddlers learning how to stand and walk. It’s also great for mum and dad’s bum too – it can be very uncomfortable down on the floor all day long!

Machine washable, water resistant & easy to store

The JayceeBaby Perfectly Padded Playmat is 100 x 150cm and although fairly big in size, it’s easily folded for storing. The playmat is water resistant and machine washable, and even has a plastic cover that sits over the mat for feeding or messy play. These guys have seriously thought of everything.

Perfect for baby & toddler

One of the many brilliant things about the beautifully designed playmat is that it’s double sided. There’s a side specifically crafted for babies, while the other side of the playmat is geared towards engaging toddlers.

Interactive & multi-sensory

The playmat’s ‘baby side’ consists of multi-sensory toys your baby will be keen to explore, while encouraging tummy time. The incorporation of black and white patterns across the mat will help capture the attention of a newborn while the bright and bold colours with different interactive elements will appeal to the older baby.

Discover the shiny mirror hidden behind two crinkle doors, the butterfly plushy with beautiful crinkle wings, an elephant with a tail that can be pulled, a snail with a super-smooth shell, a fish with shiny bubbles, a flower with petals you can lift and pull, and a cute furry owl in the centre that they can stroke. This is a playmat PACKED full of action.

Play, speak, and walk

The playmat’s ‘toddler side’ is ingenious. This side has been made firmer to encourage and support walking and standing. The detailed and very fun volcanic island scene will encourage creative play and help develop speech; fuelling their imaginations with the different characters that tell their own stories across the mat.



Messy play

What I love most about this playmat, besides it’s chunky soft surface, is that there’s a detachable plastic cover that can be placed over the mat to encourage messy play, I can’t wait to be able to crack open the paints with Maddie, or have fun with play dough when she’s a little older. It’s a product built to last, adapting brilliantly to the changing needs of your child.

The JayceeBaby Perfectly Padded Playmat is a fantastic product that’s been cleverly thought through. It’s perfect for engaging babies and toddlers at every stage of their development, helping them to learn important new skills, and reach their milestones, without risk of injury or mishap along the way.

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