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Baby’s Bliss: The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Soother

Here at My Baba, we know how difficult it is to find the perfect soother that your baby is comfortable with. Choosing the right soother is a significant decision, influencing both your baby’s comfort and oral development. With an array of shapes, materials, and designs available, navigating this choice can be overwhelming. However, understanding your baby’s preferences and considering key factors like nipple shape, material, and safety features can guide you towards the perfect soother.

Let’s delve into the essentials of choosing the perfect soother for your little one’s needs.

Natural sucking reflex

Since birth, babies exhibit a natural sucking reflex, seeking satisfaction from the mother’s breast, a soother, thumb, or another comforting object. This reflex not only fulfils their need for nourishment but also provides a soothing effect, offering a sense of safety and familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar world.


Every soother comprises three essential components: the nipple, shield, and ring. The nipple is designed to be soft and comfortable, while the shield prevents the soother from being swallowed and the ring enables easy removal from the mouth. Additionally, the ring can be convenient for attaching a clip to prevent loss or dropping.

Choosing a soother with holes in the shield is crucial to ensure proper air circulation, preventing the build-up of saliva behind the shield, which could lead to skin irritations or rashes. It’s essential to maintain cleanliness and sterility by sterilising the pacifier before initial use and regularly washing it with warm water.

Which pacifier shape is the best?

All soothers typically fall into three categories: symmetric, anatomical, and round, distinguished primarily by their nipple shapes. BIBS offer soothers in round, symmetric, and anatomical shapes, crafted from natural rubber latex or silicone, ensuring a diverse range to suit different needs and preferences.

While some babies may favour a specific type, all varieties are safe for both babies and toddlers. It’s advisable to allow the baby to indicate their preference, as some may be particular about shape or texture, while others may not be. Experimenting with different soothers, possibly through BIBS’ Try-it Collections featuring various nipple shapes and materials, can aid in finding the perfect soother that meets your baby’s approval.

How do different nipples affect the mouth?

Soothers are designed for different purposes. The round shape mimics the sucking technique during breastfeeding and helps avoid confusion. In contrast, the anatomical soother, also known as an orthodontic pacifier, is designed to fit flatter in the baby’s mouth.

Maintaining dental alignment

There’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that one shape is superior for dental alignment. However, prolonged use can impact dental development, irrespective of the shape. Both natural rubber latex and silicone are viable materials, with neither being inherently better; the choice depends on personal preferences. Both primary and permanent teeth can experience dental alignment problems if the soother is used over a prolonged period.

‘Depending on usage, all pacifier shapes can affect the teeth. It depends on usage. If you stop before 3 years, the teeth usually correct themselves.’ – Anne Mette, dentist, oral health communicator, and consultant.


In summary, with a wide range of high-quality soothers in different designs, sizes, materials, and colours, BIBS ensures there’s a soother suitable for every baby. Through initiatives like the Try-It Collection, parents can explore and discover the perfect soother for their little ones, with an impressive acceptance rate of 98% among babies in a recent global study.

Try-It Collection

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