This new survey by C&G Baby Club is interesting, they’ve compiled a list of things new mothers wish they’d known before or during pregnancy, along with some typical pieces of advice, and the usual myths still in circulation – with a couple of myths I’d never heard of before! 

Over 100 new mothers responded to the survey by C&G Baby Club, which examined the amount and quality of information that first-time parents in particular felt they received during their pregnancy.  Over half of the new mums who responded (55.9%) felt they had received sufficient information about their pregnancy, while 65.3% said they were able to get all the information they needed from books, articles and first-hand accounts by family and friends.

The survey also asked what bit of information or advice the new mothers wished they’d known at the outset of their pregnancy. Common responses included:

  • the importance of catching up on sleep and focusing on your relationship, social life and hobbies while you still have the time
  • learning that there’s a much wider variety of pregnancy symptoms than most people assume, and the impact they can have on your everyday life – plus practical tips on how to deal with them
  • the value of having a support network of other new parents in a similar situation
  • how much recovery is sometimes needed after giving birth

When asked what advice they’d give to other first-time mothers, many of the respondents focused on staying relaxed, resting up and trusting your instincts. The responses included gems such as:

  • “Relax more. Babies will just do what babies do. Don’t feel you need to read every book…like anything, it’s experience that matters.”
  • “Listen to all the advice from books, TV, internet, friends, family and complete strangers. Then take what works for you and toss the rest.”
  • “Don’t worry about the birth. It’s going to happen regardless of your worrying and probably not the way you planned!”
  • “Rest and enjoy the quiet and attention they get as it all changes once baby is born and it’ll be years before you get proper sleep again! Also don’t buy expensive clothes, as they outgrow them so quickly, it’s just not worth it.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Your entire body (and life) is changing, it’s normal to want to know about every little thing that is going on.”
  • “Cook and freeze meals – the first few weeks are a tiring blur!”
  • “You know best – follow your gut and trust your instincts, this will come naturally!”

The survey also highlighted the many common pregnancy myths still in circulation, as well as some more whimsical variations – many of which dealt with predicting the sex of the unborn baby. When asked about the most unusual pregnancy myths they’d encountered, the responses included:

  • You can predict the baby’s sex by attaching a ring to a piece of hair or string and dangling it over your bump – the direction of the swing indicates whether the baby’s a boy or a girl
  • Having heartburn during pregnancy indicates that your baby will be hairy
  • Raising your arms over your head during pregnancy can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck
  • Craving sweets means the baby’s a girl, while craving savoury or protein means it’s a boy
  • If the baby’s heartbeat sounds like a train during the ultrasound, it’s a girl, but if it sounds like a galloping horse, it’s a boy

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