Hands up if you’re kids are Paw Patrol crazy. I only have to say the words Paw Patrol to get the song stuck in my head. Whether your child is a Chase, Ryder, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble, Zumer, Robo-dag, Everest, or Tracker, Paw Patrol fan, this parties for you. The wonderful Dazzle & Fizz explain in more detail about how to throw the ultimate Paw Patrol party.

Dazzle and Fizz

Last month we were lucky enough to host the ULTIMATE Paw Patrol party at the stunning Iris Studios in Chelsea. The brief from our young client was to deliver a Paw Patrol Disco party, inspired by ‘Skye’ one of the Paw Patrol team. With the pristine white setting of ‘Iris studios’ to inspire us, we got to work on designing.

Disco for us means sequins and glitter balls and with inspiration from Skye’s uniform and badge we decided that the colour palette had to be hot pink sequins, a lighter ‘matte’ pink and white. We loved the contrast of hot pink against crisp white, so on the table opted for a simple and striking table dressing. We used a fuchsia sequin pink table runner on our white wooden children’s sized furniture. Along the runner, we used cute pink dog bowls to display our pup-corn! We also spelt the birthday child’s name in bespoke hot pink letters, all designed to suit the theme. We love wooden cutlery, especially when it is tipped in silver for a disco feel. Combined with silver plates, silver cups, pink napkins and hot pink metallic straws, the look started to take shape. Each cup was finished with a bespoke sticker and each straw was finished with a bespoke straw flag, both of which were designed in-house at Dazzle and Fizz.

Dazzle and Fizz

Each chair was dressed with bespoke silk ribbon chair tassels in pastel and bright pink. In collaboration with Bubblegum Balloons, we then attached a couture bubble balloon to each chair. The balloon strings were adorned with bone, paw print and Skye inspired shapes and finished with sparkly pink streamers for added glamour. Each bubble was then filled with pink and silver confetti.

For the wider room dressing, we also chose simple shapes and statement pieces to act as a strong point of difference to the spotless backdrop of the studio. A pink light up dance floor adorned the floor as giant pink and silver balloons floated above the party to create the disco – a total Studio 54 vibe! We finished the look with more giant balloons with sparkly tails dotted around the space and as welcome pillars at the front door.

For our party catering, we partnered with Porgies to create the perfect pup-feast.  We love when the party food is as themed as we are and Porgies strived at the brief! We chose bento style food boxes, finished with individual pink ribbons. Inside, the children were treated to bone shaped sandwiches, carrots and hummus and a bone shaped iced biscuit amongst other treats. Fruit kebabs were displayed in watermelons finished with paw print cut outs and cupcakes were also topped with cute paw prints. With the food in fun shapes and strongly themed, the young guests viewed all of the items as a treat, meaning that the carrot ‘paw patrol dog sticks’ were loved as much as the cupcakes! It is nice not to overload the children with sugary treats at a party, so we find that a combination of both healthy, alongside treat items always works best. Particularly when the healthy items are so fun to eat!

Dazzle and Fizz

For the party entertainment, the children were led by the Dazzle and Fizz acting team on a mission of canine-proportions! Could the children return the Mayor’s handbag chicken in time for the disco… Thankfully, they could and all were rewarded with an epic pup-pup-boogie on the pink disco dance floor.


With thanks to My Baba and Leo Bamford

Party planning and styling by Dazzle and Fizz

Balloons by Bubblegum Balloons

Catering by Porgies

Photography by Greg Hammond