It’s that time of year again, the weather warms and flea season kicks in. I’m always very careful when it comes to protecting my little fur balls Reggie and Delilah against worms and fleas and I always buy my flea treatments direct from the local vet. They can advise about any new parasites or diseases, and have access to the latest products, plus- You really should weigh your animal to get the right dosage, so it’s definitely worth a visit to make sure you’re doing all the right things to safeguard the health of not only your precious pets, but the rest of your family too.

If your pet is harbouring a parasite, you and your family may also be exposed. People can be bitten by fleas or ticks, and when that happens, there’s always a risk of infection. Did you know it’s even possible to accidentally ingest worm eggs, which can develop into larvae in the body and cause serious health problems and even blindness? Me neither, until now. It’s also important to know that children are especially at risk because they often play on the floor or in soil where worm eggs may be found.

I wanted to help Merial Animal Health spread the word about the risk of parasites to pets, and I love their new Parasite Party campaign. This video focuses on the parasites that can be found within your very own pet dog, but all domesticated animals can be affected by similar nasties. Parasite Party have put together this very handy one minute check tool to assess how at risk your pet is, and there some great tips on avoiding infestations (seriously gross). Check out the video, it’s been brilliantly put together, but it comes with a warning: IT WILL MAKE YOU ITCH!




My Baba sponsored content in collaboration with Merial Animal Health.