Tye Dyed Easter Eggs

Blogger / 17 March, 2020 / Nanny Anita

Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

This year has had a landmark event happen, I have learnt how to dye eggs! Now, you might not see that as a landmark event, but I do. Every year I have tried to use food colouring to dye eggs, and every year has been met with the same result – failure. Not this year though, this year I managed to do, and I am really glad, because these eggs have turned out to be my favourite ones to do so far.

You will need:

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Food colouring*
  • Vinegar
  • Warm water
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • Pipettes
  • Cups
  • Water mister

* We used food gels, but I am sure that liquid ones would work just as well.

We used white, hard-boiled duck eggs for this, brown hen eggs work just as well, but the colour will show up better on the white ones. I also hard-boil them, as they are less likely to crack when little hands are handling them. Make sure to let the eggs cool down before letting your little ones use them.

In each cup add 2-3tsp of vinegar, and then stir in the food colouring – the more the better. Once it is completely mixed in add about ¼ cup of warm water.


Using a pipette, drip some colour onto the centre of your paper towel.


Wrap your egg up in the towel, so that all the egg is covered in the coloured part of the towel. We found that for the best results it was better to add more colour to the towel once the egg had been wrapped up in it.


Use the water mister to spray the towel.


Very gently squeeze the egg to get the colour to transfer. Obviously you don’t want to do this very hard or you will end up with a cracked egg.

Once you are done, unwrap the top and check to see if the colour has transferred. If it hasn’t then add some more colour to the towel and squeeze the egg again.

Aren't they just amazing!

Aren’t they just amazing!

I loved how the eggs get a mottled appearance to them; they look so delicate and elegant. EC decided that he had had enough of egg decorating and that watching the end of Robin Hood would be better, although I did see he look longingly over at one point to see what we were up to. YC, on the other hand, had a blast doing this and was rather sad when we ran out of eggs.

Make sure you follow our Easter craft board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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simple tye dyed easter eggs using food colouring and kitchen roll

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