I know it is the summer holidays and times tables are the last thing on your mind, but I have a new times table card game to show you. Even though my charges are out of school, we keep a few things ticking over during the holidays. We spend 15 minutes a day going over times table and spellings, and this game is great way to make it fun.

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To play the times table card game you will need:

To set up the game place the cards in spiral pattern, you can use as many or as little cards as you like. Make sure you take out all the kings and jokers.

All the cards have a value ace = 1, then obviously all the numbered cards are their number, jack = 11, and queen = 12.

Place all the counters one the centre card.

How to Play

times table card game

The first person rolls both the normal and 12 sided dice. They move their counter forward the number of places on the normal die. Then they times the value of the card they land on with the 12 sided die. For example if I rolled a 5 and landed on Jack, then I would have to figure out what 5×11 was.

If they get it right, they stay where they are. If they get it wrong, the player moves their piece back to their original square.

The first person to get to the end wins.

This is a simple and fun way for children to practice their times tables.

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A times table card game that makes practicing times tables fun and quick for kids.