When I first received the Mush press release about how their new venture aimed to bring mums together by offering them a new way to connect I must say I was desperate to hear more. The title ‘Tinder Meets NCT’ initially set off a few alarm bells, reminding me of when I’d been sitting in the car recently with my nanny, who was filling me in on her latest conquests on Happn, the dating app. But knowing how important mum friends are (for support, shared experiences and to make the whole business of raising small kids more fun) compelled me to invite them in for a chat.

The lovely Mush ladies Katie and Sarah came to see us and explained why Mush isn’t as worrying as I had first thought, and in fact, is a must-download.

Mush is a brand new app that is in essence, a completely free way for mums to connect with other local mums with children of the same age.

The app has 3 main features: 

1) the Mush Matcher uses a clever algorithm to find like-minded mothers based on the following criteria: similar aged children, locations and mutual friends

2) the Let’s Mush tool to help you plan events and meetings with mums, to pop dates in the dairy and to see who’s free to play right now.

and 3) Mush Guides, a growing hub of helpful content, written for mums by mums, who also happen to be brilliant journalists and bloggers.

Founders of the Mush app Katie and Sarah had babies at different times to their friends, Katie had just relocated from the States, and both were struggling to meet like-minded mothers after having their second babies. They met in the playground one afternoon and awkwardly exchanged digits, both relieved to have found someone to have a bit of adult conversation with, sanity saving company during those first difficult days at home with small kids. Pretty soon after that, evolved their idea to launch this brilliant venture, Mush.

I had a list of questions that were all quickly answered putting my mind at rest. The most important question being – can users geo locate you? The answer is ‘no’. The app does work using locations, but with distances, not exact addresses.

Mush launched less than a month ago and they’ve already got 10k mums on the app, 4,000 of which are in London. They’ve also been featured on the iTunes ‘New Apps we Love’, which is major kudos, and I’m pretty sure their inboxes are steadily overflowing right now from all the attention!

I love so much about this new app. The idea of bringing mums together with a such a simple, but genius way of connecting in this modern world gets a big thumbs up from us at My Baba. In the day and age where dating apps are the norm, I certainly think that Mush has its place on the scene.

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