My home office is a constant working progress, and I dream of the day I have a clutter and paper free desk. ‘Done is Better than Perfect ‘ is my new mantra, along with the rule that if something takes less than 3 minutes to do, do it there and then. My real office is a short drive away, and so at home the space is more nest like and children friendly, ‘ Mummy’s Little Box of Tricks’ is visited for cheer up moments, and being pregnant I can’t live without a secret stash of sweet treats in a discreet pot.


My home office, which is right next to the children’s rooms, was the first room I did in the house in order to create a little nest. The wallpaper is by Osborne & Little, and the desk, a new edition to keep paperwork in hidden filing systems is from The Dormy House.


I am a sucker for anything bespoke, and am never without my Anya Hindmarch organizer, and personalized notepads – originally made for my hubby but too good not to have myself, from XOXO stationary. I collect butterflies, the first and my favourite central in the shelves having been given to me on our first date by my husband, and my window is highlighted by an old winebox planted with whatever I can find lying around to cheer up a desk day. B&W prints are largely by Coral Garlick and my very comfy faux Eames Chair is from Ebay.





I work across three different companies / areas, thus my filing has to be organised otherwise I malfunction! Within Cadland Estate I look after all the properties, renovations and interiors, plus new businesses. Cadland House & Gardens take up a lot of my time, there’s always a pretty major renovation project on the go – I am currently re-designing the kitchen and ornamental garden as we eat almost entirely organically and need to grow more food!  Then there’s Mini-la-Mode, plus the family & children are all organised out of my home hub so as you can imagine there’s a lot to get in order so that the wheels don’t fall off!

Fee Drummond, founder of baby & childrenswear brand Mini-la-Mode lives in a family home in the New Forest, on the Solent shore with her property developer husband and two children, where refurbishing dated old rooms is a requirement and passion for the designer.

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