With Father’s Day coming up, this Sunday, 16th June, I’ve put together a couple of tips! Instead of massive present buying, I tend to try and make the day about my husband.  

Here’s my advice and I hope it works and makes for a happy smiley papa on Father’s Day.

  • Creep out of bed to get the children and whisk them off to the furthest part of the house so he can have a lie in.
  • Listen out and get the timing right so that you get to him just before he comes down looking like he’s lost something.
  • Have his favourite breakfast and paper ready and waiting.  A home made card from the babas and most importantly, the TV remote.
  • Now just let him do exactly what he wants with no eye rolling or sighing.

For our family, I know my husband would love nothing more than cartoon watching with the babas, breakfast and a long hot soak, in a pre run bath, of course.  Maybe a bike ride, his favourite roast with a crumble and custard to finish it off, followed by an afternoon with the children and a long walk.

We always get him the same present and that’s a ‘Paint Your Own’ bowl from The Pottery Cafe by Emma Bridgewater. We fill it with cereal for breakfast or give it to him later in the day filled with his favourite sweeties. On the bottom we write the date. It’s kind of a tradition now and I think he likes it.

For papas with a sweet tooth, Tuck Tuck is always a great bet for sweeties via the post!