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Top 10 Tips To Get Your Kids Eating Their Fruit And Veggies

If you’re looking for advice for fussy eaters, you’ve come to the right place. Organix’s Fussy Eating Expert Lucy Thomas is on hand with some really useful tips to encourage our kids to eat their fruit and vegetables. 

Lucy is supporting JB Gill and Organix new healthy eating campaign ‘Good for planet. Good for me’, that incorporates songs, games, recipes and indoor and outdoor activities to help babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to eat a wider range of fruit and veggies…by eating the rainbow! For more information go to

Don’t give up

The best way of enjoying a variety of vegetables is to try, try and try again – research shows it can take up to about 15 times to get a little one to take to a new food! Just one tiny taste is enough at first, so don’t expect them to eat a huge portion right from the word go. They need to learn to like the taste of some foods that might appear bitter at first. So don’t give up!

Introduce them early on

When it comes to eating vegetables, the earliest days in weaning are key in introducing vegetables so that they are included and enjoyed right from the start.
Pulling yuk faces is part of the fun – some bitter tasting vegetables might be a bit of a challenge, but you shouldn’t worry too much if your little one makes a face of disgust rather than pleasure when they try vegetables such as cabbage or cauliflower for the first time. In fact, pulling faces is actually a part of their development.


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Familiarisation is key

Children who are familiar with a vegetable or fruit before it is put on their plate, are far more likely to try it. Reading about them in picture books, seeing them being eaten by others, playing with them or singing songs about them are all helpful ways to familiarise your child before trying them.

Take fruit & veg away from the dinner table

Put some excitement and discovery back into food, by exploring fruit and vegetables away from mealtimes! This way parents can help build familiarity with new foods without the pressure to have to eat it on first presentation, avoiding the all too often stressful mealtime situations.

Explore and discover

Encourage your fussy eater and go back to basics. Start to have fun with discovering food! EXPLORE the origin, shape, colour, texture or smell of new foods – without using the phrases TRY, EAT, or TASTE. Children don’t like unexpected surprises – and this simply helps prepare children for what’s to come on their plates. This can also include them helping you prepare a meal, playing games or telling stories related to foods too. Even including them in selecting and shopping for foods – it doesn’t need to be complicated!

Learn by play

For fussy eaters, making food part of play and being a bit adventurous can work wonders too – and don’t be afraid to get messy! Children learn by playing.  Letting them get their hands on fresh food will help them understand it better, and make their first experience with new foods a positive one too. Play is serious work for kids!

Try not to hide or disguise veg

It’s worth taking the time to introduce them to the food in its real form.

Avoid bribery

As tempting as it is, try not to bribe your children into eating their vegetables, especially with sweet treats. It sets up the message that vegetables are bad and sweets are good, which is a hard message to change later on.

Role modeling

Try to eat together as much as possible, making it part of a daily routine – you’d be surprised how much that changes things. We are the best role models for our children and children are the best imitators out there, who look for us for guidance and reassurance about food.

About Organix

Organix is a popular children’s food brand, making nutritious baby foods and baby snacks for little ones since 1992.

From humble beginnings, Organix has grown into the UK’s number one brand for organic baby and toddler snacks and finger foods, leading the way in delicious, healthier food choices that little ones love and parents can rely on.

Organix is working hard to protect the earth’s resources with a campaign to continue to reduce its use of natural resources and to make its packaging 100% sustainable by 2023.


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